7 Things You Need To Know About Atlanta’s Digital Agency and Marketing Scene

While lots of local brands can claim amazing work for brands like Coca-Cola, AT&T, and The Home Depot, we’ve pulled together some little known gems that got us thinking in a whole new way about all the digital agencies and design firms that help make up Atlanta’s marketing and advertising ecosystem.

1. Atlanta is a major hub for marketing technology which adds to the city’s digital landscape

There is a rich fabric of marketing tech startups in Atlanta including almost $1 billion in fresh acquisitions over the last few years including BLiNQ Media, Oracle buying on Vitrue, IBM acquiring Silverpop, and Salesforce landing Pardot via ExactTarget.

Atlanta Sales and Marketing Exits via @TechSquare

2. Companies seek out Atlanta’s digital agencies and design firms from across the US and around the world

Local agencies don’t just work with companies in Georgia or the southeast. Most agencies that we spoke to have the clout to work with brands from across the US and some Atlanta digital agencies and design firms are sought internationally.

3. Great public relations agencies do exist outside of NYC. Want PR like Porsche?

Not only is Porsche’s North American Headquarter’s here, their former public relations agency is in Atlanta just outside of I-285. They now represent Ferrari Motorsports.

porsche racing convertible concept

4. Atlanta has a history of building great agencies. What top 3 advertising agency was born in Atlanta?

Originally more of a digital advertising agency, this heavy weight was the top advertising agency of 2013 in AdWeek and consistently places in the top 3 across leading publications like AdAge. (Insider Tip: Two of the agency’s founders have gone on to found Atlanta startups and deliver more marketing tech exits via BLiNQ Media and ShopVisible while helping launch many other startups.)

5. Atlanta’s industrial design and innovation firms are top-notch. Need to design the next airplane of the future?

We’ve got a design firm for that! Check out the top industrial design firm who has been designing Airbuses for years along with other industrial equipment and consumer products. (Insider Tip: Atlanta’s Piedmont Park is their backyard.) Another Atlanta design innovator in the space does work for companies like KitchenAid, Motorola and Electrolux.

Formation design group designs airplanes

6. The biggest agency networks continue to watch and acquire Atlanta’s top digital agencies. Which digital agency was acquired by Publicis last year?

While this Publicis acquisition of another Atlanta digital agency was interesting on it’s own, Atlanta has a history of major acquisitions by the largest agency networks including Dentsu buying 360i, the Publicis acquisition of Moxie, and many others.

7. Last, but not least, Atlanta is filled with the technology talent to feed the digital agencies that thrive here

Georgia Tech with 21,000 students boasts an engineering college that ranks fifth in the country for undergraduate and graduate engineering, according to U.S. News. Atlanta is consistently ranked in the top ten for computer science. With more than 176,000 college students enrolled, Atlanta ranks seventh across the country’s 50 largest metro areas. Atlanta also ranks fifth in university research ($1.01 billion).

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