4 Top User Experience Agencies from the 2014 UX Awards

We are featuring four of the top user experience agencies across digital from the 2014 UX Awards, and also highlighting two of our favorite winners on the brand side. While there weren’t as many overall winners as 2013, the 2014 UX Awards still had some great entries like the interactive website from National Geographic Channel that highlighted the life of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald, and the redesign of the Qatar Museums’ website.

The UX Awards are a celebration of great digital user experience and award winners were announced during a ceremony in San Francisco on September 11, 2014. To learn more about these top user experience agencies or to check out others, log-in and search smarter on Agency Spotter.

Top User Experience Agencies at the UX Awards

Work & Co. – User Experience Agency

Work & Co. won the Grand Prize for Most Significant Industry Evolution for launching the first fully responsive airline website for Virgin America. This redesign was one of the most significant improvements to travel and airline booking websites in years, because it simplified the process of how people manage and book their trips.

work & co. ux project with virgin america


Deutsch LA – Advertising Agency

Deutsch LA won Gold for Best Brand Experience for reimagining Volkswagen’s website from the traditional car brand website, which is like a glorified car brochure, to more of a online dating/matchmaker experience. It was all about reinventing the way people traditionally shop for cars and make finding your dream car easy.

deutsch ux project with vw.com





Method – User Experience Agency

Method won Silver for Best Multichannel Experience for developing a new digital brand strategy and design direction for LUSH, a British cosmetic brand, by connecting consumers with the story behind their products. The new brand development started with the re-launch of lush.co.uk into a fully responsive e-commerce platform, a redesign of LUSH’s print magazine, “The LUSH Times”, and the introduction of a new online service called “LUSH Kitchen”, where consumers can buy exclusive products made daily.

method ux project with LUSH





Cantina – Digital Design Agency

Catina won Bronze for Most Authentic Experience for creating a mobile app that provided up-to-the-minute updates and information about The Newport Folk Festival®. This mobile app allowed attendee’s to know when a certain artist was performing and on exactly which stage.

cantina ux project with Newport Folk





Top Non-Agencies at the UX Awards

Google – Material Design

Google won Gold for Best Contribution to UX for creating a visual language for Android users to synthesize the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science called Material Design.





2nd Year Industrial Design Students at Virginia Tech – Zone

The Virginia Tech students won the award for Best Student UX for creating wearable technology and mobile display called the “Zone Smart Watch + App.” This app is designed to help autistic children communicate how they are feeling in certain situations. It is difficult for these children to express how they feel, and it’s just as hard for parents to understand what their child is feeling. This watch and app allows parents to have a better understanding of what their child may be experiencing.





For the 2014 UX Awards, expert judges and panelists included Alex Wright (Head of Research at Etsy), Greg Petroff (CEO of the UX CoE at GE Software), Michal Pasternak (Former CXO at Huge), Janice Fraser (Head of LUXr at Pivotal Labs), Margaret Stewart (Director of Product Design at Facebook), Brian Kralyevich (VP of UX Design at Amazon), Turi McKinley (Participatory Design Director at Frog), Cliff Kuang (Senior Editor at WIRED) and hosted by Beverly May (Executive Director of the UX Awards, Principal of Oxford Tech + UX)


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