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Location: Boston’s Financial District
Core Service: Digital Strategy
Additional Services: Research/Insights, Media, PR, Marketing Strategy


Is there a story behind Racepoint’s name?

Our agency is named after Race Point Light, a historic lighthouse on Cape Cod, in Provincetown, Massachusetts that helped sailors navigate treacherous “race” currents. Similar to how Race Point Light guided sailors, Racepoint Global guides people and brands, helping them navigate the rapidly changing waters and connecting with people through meaningful content and experiences.

Racepoint has offices all around the world. How would you describe the personality of the Boston office?

From the unwavering dedication to Boston’s sport teams, to our love of the Boston Marathon and #BostonStrong, it’s clear that Bostonians stick together. The Racepoint Boston office embodies that same united spirit. We’re all friends – in and out of the office. We work very hard and play hard. We share stories laughs over bagels on Friday mornings, then get together on Wednesdays to support our office kickball team. It’s a unique spirit – a very positive one that’s been instilled from the top.

In general, what’s the biggest challenge facing your clients today? How are you helping them meet that challenge?


One of the biggest challenges marketers face is finding the right marketing mix that works best for their brand. The head of marketing is under a lot of pressure, and we’re there to guide and advise them, as well as strategize and execute on the right mix that’s going to provide the most ROI and brand enhancement/visibility.

For clients, the choice to work with a fully integrated team of professionals with a depth of experience in earned, social and paid influence is crucial. Every engagement is underpinned with market and audience analytics, brand content, technology tools and award-winning creative. Clients have the option to engage an entire menu of services or, depending on their needs, specific portions. Regardless, every campaign is deeply rooted in this unique Racepoint Global methodology.

Another methodology that Racepoint offers is FieldFacts, a super-powered database of influencers and stakeholders and a methodology to reach and influence them. The methodology identifies and measures the reach and impact of influencers in print, broadcast and social channels, providing our clients with a balanced scorecard for those influencers most essential to their campaigns.

Give us your prediction: how do you think wearable technologies will change how consumers interact with brands in the next decade?Racepoint

Wearables will be another radical shift, even if they aren’t precisely like they look today. For brands producing them, they will be synonymous with success and economic dominance. Hardware producers will own relationships with us that are branded onto our very selves. Software developers will have less brand recognition – we might not know who made the app – but they will be more tightly aligned with us as they access and manage our data.

Non-specific tech brands will be able to enhance their presences by using these wearables and data to get to us more frequently and usefully. Those who act responsibly will be inculcated into our consciences and benefit by us buying their products. Those who act as predators, leveraging our data abusively, will damage their brands irreparably.

It’s a world of opportunity for those who act responsibly.

How do you find great people to join Racepoint?Racepoint

We love references! Our employees are rock stars, so we know that anyone they refer, is going to be equally as awesome! Networking is key, our practitioners and HR team attend as many industry events as possible. However, some of the greatest members of our team come to us as interns from area universities.

Got any tips for surviving a Boston winter?

Aside from the obvious advice of donning a warm hat and coat, a hot cup of coffee can make all the difference during your (very) cold morning commute. It’s no exaggeration to say that New England truly runs on Dunkin’! And thankfully, there’s a Dunkin’ (or Starbucks) on almost every corner. How else would we survive cheering on our beloved Patriots during some very cold weather?!

Thanks for chatting with us Racepoint!

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