6 Boston Marketers Win Lunch with Zipcar CMO Brian Harrington

Six Boston marketers have hit the jackpot.

Zipcar CMO

They’re heading to lunch with Zipcar CMO Brian Harrington!

Here at Agency Spotter, we’re thrilled to create an opportunity for Boston’s marketers to connect. After all, our Boston spotlight proved that this is a city with deep marketing talent. Kathy Kiely, president of The Ad Club, asserts that Boston is a great place to build a brand. With so many great agencies and companies like Dunkin’ Donuts, John Hancock, and Reebok, we have to agree.

Keep an eye out for these six marketing professionals in the future. They might be Boston’s next generation of CMOs!

The Winners of Agency Spotter‘s “Win Lunch with Zipcar CMO Brian Harrington” Contest:

Claire Wallace

Marketing Coordinator at Agency Spotter
Claire writes about strategy, insight, and advice to help inspire smart and savvy marketers. She completed her MBA at UMass-Amherst and has been a team memberat City Sports, MIT, and an organic farm in Maine. A former student-athlete at the University of Wisconsin, Claire now runs marathons, for fun! On her bucket list is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, dining at Per Se, and running the beautiful trails in New Zealand.
Claire Wallace