10 #Marketing Tweets You Missed Last Week: Cannes to the World Cup


10 must read tweets to get your Monday up to speed.

Cannes Lions is over but its afterglow of creativity and buzz is not quick to wane. On a bigger international stage, the 2014 FIFA World Cup is creating its own headlines from Brazil. In this world of second-screen viewership, World Cup news is dominating the Twitter airwaves: goal differentials, Teddy Goalsevelt, #LetsDoThis and Ronaldo’s hair. But the marketers winning Lions and activating sports sponsorships still need industry tips – which is why we’ve got some.

Cannes: Hotspot of Ideas and YouTube Spoofs

It’s more than awards that attract marketers to Cannes. With 12,000 creatives in one place, great ideas are going to bump into each other. Mars‘ CMO Bruce McColl is going to put those ideas to good use.

With the promotion of Pharrell’s “Happy” single winning multiple Lions, a parody was bound to result. This one gets especially good after the 2:00 mark.

The {Social} World Cup

The most social Olympics has been surpassed but this summer’s World Cup. A milestone, if an unsurprising one.

You heard about the Uruguayan player who bit his Italian opponent on the pitch, right? So did Aldi’s marketing team.

And while the Aldi ad above is clever, sometimes a simple selfie will do.

Industry Tips

The agency-client relationship is a topic near-and-dear to Agency Spotter’s heart. Complete with a handy infographic, this Fast Company article is definitely worth your time.

You may have learned POEM in Marketing 101, but a refresher never hurts.

For those of you who still read a print edition of The New York Times, you may have noticed a large Febreze ad last Thursday. For the sake of the brand’s advertising ROI, let’s hope you did. The spread cost $300,000.

Given Febreze’s recent ad spend, this headline shouldn’t come has a huge surprise.

Your Weekly Dose of Inspiration

Why not go for it? Stefan Sagmeister, the New York-based designer/entrepreneur, poses that question in his interview for The Great Discontent. No better day than Monday!

Go for a Smarter Agency Search

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