#BostonSpotted: A Chat with Digital Agency Ayantek

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Location: Bedford, right outside Boston
Core Service: Digital Strategy
Additional Services: Social Media, Web, Mobile, Search

What makes Ayantek different from other digital strategy agencies?

At Ayantek, we understand all things digital. We have amazing vision for how organizations can use digital technologies (like social, mobile, analytics, and the cloud). Then we translate the strategy through fantastic innovation and engineer and deliver our solutions. Our team represents a combination of strong thinkers and amazing doers. We work as a global team, bringing global perspectives to the creation of global solutions for global, enterprise-class organizations.

Which three words best describe Ayantek?

Hard-working, Innovative, Caring

In general, what’s the biggest challenge facing your clients?

The biggest challenge facing our clients is the ability to integrate the different aspects of marketing programs, including social, mobile, web, and analytics to create a highly effective digital strategy. Clients still tend to treat those aspects as separate silos which limit the effectiveness of a campaign strategy. Our clients want to understand more about customer behavior but are limited by their analytics capabilities. They’re gathering data from different channels but not able to leverage it to create insights. Ayantek provides a SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) stack framework that provides a way to assess a client’s posture relative to a digital maturity model. That allows us to create a holistic strategy that integrates all the aspects of a marketing program.  That leads to better understanding of customer behavior across all platforms. That leads to being able to tailor campaigns and user experiences to the needs of the customer and ultimately to anticipate what they might need.

How does customer data influence the mobile solutions Ayantek creates for its clients?

Customer data is critical to the formation of mobile solutions. The data provides the source of information regarding channel usage; behavior, preferences, and buying history that determine the types of offers that might be appropriate.  For example, Ayantek worked with BJ’s Wholesale on a program for the FutureM event last year. BJ’s has an immense amount of data about its customers. The ability to combine and analyze their data creates an opportunity to provide timely offers to customers via their smartphone, for example, as they enter a store. Geographic data allows BJ’s to send store-specific offers. Previous buying history can remind customers of sales that are relevant to them. As a result, a more tailored and engaging experience can be created for the mobile platform. The combination of collecting the data and the ability to mine it is key. Clients need the tools and the people (e.g., data scientists) to analyze the data and derive the insights that drive where to invest marketing dollars.

Win any cool awards this year?

Silver Horizon Interactive Award in the School/University Category for The Princeton Review’s Student Portal Redesign

MITX What’s Next Awards Finalist in the Education Category for The Princeton Review’s Student Portal and Score Reports Redesign

Bronze Horizon Interactive Award in the Corporate & B2B category for Analog Device’s Signal Chain Designer

After a big project or long week, how does the Ayantek team recharge?

After a big project, Ayantek celebrates with their clients. We treat the client as part of one big team that works together to achieve project and business success. We either go out to dinner or set up an event to celebrate. We do the same with our partners. The Ayantek team recently got together to go bowling and on another occasion, creatively paint. We are constantly coming up with new ways to keep the team spirit alive and well.

Thanks for chatting with us, Ayantek!

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