Creative Agency Search Platform, Agency Spotter, Officially Expands to Boston, Partners with The Ad Club

Market activation puts spotlight on the Boston creative ecosystem to help marketers uncover exceptional agency talent in the region. See original press release at:

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June 17, 2014  (BOSTON) – Boston and Atlanta-based, innovative agency search solution, Agency Spotter, announces its Boston market activation today. On the heels of similar activations in Minneapolis and San Francisco, the company is looking forward to bringing its unique, comprehensive creative agency search platform to the Boston marketing ecosystem in its largest market activation yet. The expansion is supported by partnerships with The Ad Club of Boston, local contests, events, upgrades as well as an in-depth look at some of the city’s top creative agencies and design firms.

Boston is brimming with innovative and talented creative agencies, producing more than 143,000 jobs annually for the city. In addition, the city’s startup scene is also burgeoning with Mayor Marty Walsh recently declaring that Boston will become the “tech capital of the world.”

“Boston is an important B2B and startup scene that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves in the creative agency sector, often overshadowed by neighbor New York as well as Los Angeles and San Francisco,” said co-founder and chief marketing officer Joseph Raccuglia. “We’re helping to put the spotlight on the amazing advertising, marketing and design agencies in the city and to show the rest of the country the thought leadership that comes from a region saturated with top academic, tech, and creative minds.”

“We’re helping to put the spotlight on the amazing advertising, marketing and design agencies in the city and to show the rest of the country the thought leadership that comes from a region saturated with top academic, tech, and creative minds.”
–Joseph Raccuglia, Co-Founder and CMO, Agency Spotter

In partnership with local advertising trade association, The Ad Club of Boston, the company will implement new ways to bring local marketers and agencies closer together. To kick-off the efforts, Agency Spotter will soon launch an agency search API built directly into the Ad Club’s website.

“The industry is long overdue for a workable solution to the difficult task marketers face when looking for a creative agency, and we believe Agency Spotter is onto something big. We are proud and excited to partner with the team to help marketers everywhere discover the great agency talent in Boston,” said Kathy Kiely, President, The Ad Club.

“We believe Agency Spotter is onto something big.”
–Kathy Kiely, President, The Ad Club

With brands spending three to six months looking for an agency and searching more frequently than ever before, Agency Spotter is set to save marketers time, money and a lot of frustration. Agency Spotter is currently capturing more than 3,300 creative agencies specializing in a wide range of services including advertising, digital, mobile, branding, design, research and various vertical markets for B2B and B2C businesses alike. With more than 250,000 interactions on the platform already, the company is experiencing rapid growth of both brands and agencies.

To make the search even easier, Agency Spotter is releasing site upgrades in conjunction with its Boston launch, including new messaging features and functionality that allow a brand to directly connect with an agency on the site or quickly request more information.

For more information on Agency Spotter’s complete lines of services and to check out its agency search platform, click here. To participate in the fun of the market activation and for chance to win lunch with the chief marketing officer of Zipcar, click here.


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Founded in 2012, Agency Spotter is a creative agency search platform designed to serve as an online marketplace for finding great agencies in digital, design, advertising, research and more. The digital platform makes it much faster to find great agencies that fit the needs of brands and provides unique information to help them make more confident decisions. With more than 3,300 creative agencies and more than 250,000 interactions, the agency search engine continues to experience strong growth across North America, into Europe and beyond. For more information on the innovative search solution visit or follow @AgencySpotter.


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