#BostonSpotted: A Chat with Web Agency OHO Interactive

OHO InteractiveGet to know OHO Interactive and how they contribute to the hustle of the Hub.

Agency Spotter is all about helping marketers and agencies get to know each other. Discover the talent that makes Boston’s OHO Interactive a comprehensive web agency that spins research and strategy into effective UX.
Location: Cambridge, aka Boston’s other half
Core Service: Web
Additional Services: Social Media, Search, UX

OHO is a great name. What’s the story behind it?OHO Interactive

OHO is an expression of triumph, surprise, joy, and delight – It’s our vision for all of our work and the unique digital experiences we create. It’s also a legitimate word for Scrabble and Words with Friends, and frequently used in Harry Potter Book 5: “OHO!”

What’s hot right now in Boston’s digital scene?

Coworking is shaping up to be the hottest new thing in Boston’s digital scene. With shared workplaces popping up all around the city and surrounding areas, consultants, entrepreneurs, and start-ups are able to access affordable workspaces full of desired amenities while connecting and collaborating with others in similar positions.

What’s the one thing you wished more brands understood about their digital presence?

We want brands to understand how digital is impacting the buying process for the company’s products and services. We love using one-on-one user research to show how customers research, choose and select products and then defining a digital experience that meets customers at every key point in the purchase process. We find most brands undervalue the ROI of this type of behavioral and contextual research.

What are OHO’s top three considerations when designing UX for a client?

When OHO works with a client do create a new website with a killer UX, we first consider the client’s intent. We figure out their desired goals and expected outcomes from their website and for their overall business. We then conduct user research to get to know the wants, needs, and desired experience of their site visitor or customer. The research ultimately shows how closely aligned the client goals are to the user goals, allowing us to mix up the perfect blend of the two. Finally, we use all of the knowledge from our research to create an awesome user experience that both our client and their site visitors love.

OHO Interactive

Assuming unlimited resources, how would OHO make Boston a better place to live?

OHO InteractiveWe’d make Boston a better place by partnering with the outstanding educational institutions to deliver high-quality, free and online college degrees for students from Massachusetts. And, we’d love to see free, public WiFi installed across the city and available to all residents. And if we could somehow get instant snow removal to eliminate plowing and shoveling, we’re all for that too.

What’s Boston’s most underrated quality?

Boston’s technology entrepreneurship and start-up scene are often overlooked, especially in comparison with other big cities across the country. With so many local colleges and universities that foster a vibrant youth culture, Boston is a great place for geeks who are as into beer as they are into building cool things with advanced technologies.

Thanks for chatting with us, OHO!


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