Black-Owned Agencies You Need To Meet

Please join us in celebrating Black-owned marketing agencies. After weeks of research, we were surprised by how few sources there were for Black-owned marketing agencies and design firms. We have been tracking minority-owned agencies on our agency search platform, Agency Spotter, for more than seven years. Even in our own records, there were few that were Black-owned. So, we enlisted the help of our own networks and went through many lists of freelancers and solopreneurs. In the end, we have built a list of Black-owned agencies that you need to meet.

This list is a starting place. With your help and through our enterprise services management platform, SpotSource, where we work with top brands like Nike and HP, we are committed to growing this list and continuing to build transparency around diversity and inclusion.

We hope to celebrate even more Black-owned creative agencies with you soon from across the wide, 40+ spectrum of marketing services that we cover. A special thank you to Angela Guzman, Yvette Owo, and John Young, who all went out of their way to help us put this article together.


Black-owned agencies

Amusement Park

Santa Ana, CA

Amusement Park is a full-service, award-winning advertising and public relations agency. They make brands more effective and more indispensable in people’s lives. From television to gaming, apps to documentaries, they create world-class creative content across multiple platforms.

Authentique Agency

Atlanta, GA

The Authentique Agency is a full-service marketing consulting firm focused on leveraging the power of identity. Certified Minority and LGBT owned, they are intentional about creating brand campaigns that genuinely reflect multicultural and LGBTQ life, voices, and viewpoints.

Beaman Inc.  

Chicago, IL

Beaman Incorporated is a full-service communications firm that specializes in media relations, corporate communications, advertising, and community outreach on both a local and national level. Their agency has a team of storytellers who take great pride in creating narratives that spark interest and engage. They have mastered the art of communicating effectively with the media and have the ability to develop and pitch story ideas that journalists want to write about.

b.ID Creative

Houston, TX

At b.iD, building clients’ brands is their top priority. They are a boutique agency whose aim is to deliver high quality and highly creative designs tied together with top-level service from conception to execution.

Black Creative Group

Washington D.C.

Black Creative Group is a Black-owned marketing agency founded in an effort to empower small businesses with a full range of marketing and advertising services. They are determined to provide you with a return that is greater than your initial investment.

Bliss Consulting Services

Atlanta, GA

Bliss Consulting Services, INC., is a full-service consulting agency servicing the metro Atlanta and Los Angeles markets. They were founded with a single mission, to offer strategic and creative services to minority businesses that result in blissful experiences. Bliss Consulting Services approaches each client with fresh eyes and develop custom-made strategies that address challenges while managing client expectations.

Burrell Communications

black-owned marketing agency

Chicago, IL

Burrell is a full-service marketing and communications agency. The agency is well-known for its creativity and strategic approaches. Burrell Communications is driven by innovation and is committed to deliver their clients results year after year. This is perfectly summed up in their mission statement, “consistently deliver innovative, creative, market-moving ideas.”

Carol H. Williams Advertising

Manhattan, NY

Carol H. Williams Advertising is a full-service integrated agency that specializes in broadcast, digital branding, print, and radio. They have helped many Fortune 500 companies craft award-winning multi-cultural campaigns. Carol H. Williams Advertising has worked with brands like AllState, Disney, Google, and so many more. The agency was founded over 20 years ago and has grown to be the largest, independent and female-owned, African American communications agency in the United States.

Creative Theory

Washington D.C.

Creative Theory restores the balance by amplifying voices and telling necessary stories that overturn common narratives. They are boardroom advocates— a voice for the overlooked, from concept to completion. Creative Theory help brands understand who they are, so they can add to the conversation, not the noise.

First and Last PR

Jersey City, NJ

First and Last PR is a highly regarded, award-winning, Independent Beauty Public Relations and Digital Media Marketing Firm providing services to leading luxury and consumer product goods companies, mid-sized beauty firms, and the next generation of innovative beauty and lifestyle brands.

Fuse3 Advertising

black-owned marketing company

St. Louis, MO

Fuse3 Advertising is a full-service integrated marketing agency that creates digital, broadcast, print, and experiential marketing programs. Since 1997, this agency has been committed to being smarter and reaching higher. This black-owned agency has worked with a number of familiar brands such as Obama for America, St. Louis Baseball Cardinals, and Gillette.

Gilbreath Communications, Inc.

Houston, TX

For more than a quarter of a century, Gilbreath has produced marketing and communications solutions and campaigns that have helped launch and transform brands, grow businesses and engage audiences throughout the U.S. Their expertise covers five key areas: strategy; advertising and creative services; marketing; digital media and technology; and communications and public relations.

Green Lab Inc.

San Antonio, TX

The Green Lab, Inc. is a brand cultivation company specializing in brand building and media creation. They offer marketing services on a campaign basis and focus heavily on media production as Green Lab Inc. understands that they are an extension of their clients.


Brooklyn, NY

Kin is a new breed of creative companies using kinship to unleash business and culture as forces for good in our world. They partner with the most progressive individuals, organizations, and brands to innovate initiatives, experiences, services, and products that create a lasting impact.

Lemonade Stand

Riverside, CA

Lemonade Stand is a full-service digital marketing agency that excels in providing clients around the world with tangible, measurable results for their online business and presence. They specialize in Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, and Video Production.

M-Squared PR

Atlanta, GA

M-Squared Public Relations is an independent public relations firm with offices in Atlanta and Charlotte, NC. The firm specializes in hotels, resorts, tourism, hospitality, food and beverage, real estate, luxury, retail, and the government industries.

M16 Marketing

Atlanta, GA

M16 Marketing is an award-winning web design and digital marketing firm based in Atlanta. On average, companies who work with M16 increase their conversions and/or revenue by more than 250%. The company partners with forward-thinking startups, small businesses, and major brands helping them to Achieve Sustainable Success™.


Brooklyn, NY

Founded in 2014, Palette Group is a commercial creative agency focused on producing content for campaign activations both online and offline. Their experience is rooted in producing, directing, and developing products, lifestyle photography, and video production.

Pop N’

black owned agency atlanta

Atlanta, GA

Pop N’ is a Multicultural Marketing Collective focused on digital and social content creation and experience design. They craft campaigns and content that give people a reason to genuinely care about your brand. In addition to this, Pop N’ listen both socially and culturally and build strategies to create the right experiences for the right audiences.

Philly Reps

Philadelphia, PA

Philly Reps is a Marketing and Consulting House. They partner with commercial photographers to offer targeted marketing support and consulting services to ensure their work and brands get the exposure they deserve.


Austin, TX

Located in El Paso and Austin, Sanders\Wingo is a creative agency that provides multicultural advertising and public relations services. The agency is known for reaching beyond industry clichés to deliver bold ideas and real results. They have worked with clients such as AT&T, the American Heart Association, and Shell.


Atlanta, GA

Saturday Morning creates ideas that bring awareness to and shift perceptions on racial bias and injustice. They feel so fortunate to work with leading companies and brands who understand they have a role and the power to be a voice for real change.

Shared Vision Marketing

black-owned agency

Atlanta, GA

Shared Vision Marketing is a full service, multi-discipline, marketing collective, headquartered in Atlanta with offices in Tampa Bay. Independently owned and established in 2006, they are industry agnostic with a roster of diverse clients. Shared Vision Marketing offers a fresh approach, holistic thinking, and new ideas.

Sumnu Marketing

Las Vegas, NV

Sumnu Marketing is a family-owned marketing firm that focuses on providing permanent marketing communications solutions for small businesses. However, over the years the company has become the go-to firm for “grassroots” marketing and community outreach for corporations and non-profit organizations.

Team Epiphany

team epiphany

New York, NY

Team Epiphany is a full-service creative agency that has worked with brands such as Nike, HBO, Cadillac, and more. Through the power of business-proven personal relationships, Team Epiphany makes magic happen for their clients. The agency has garnered acclaim on Inc. Magazine’s elite list of “Fastest-Growing Private Companies”​ annually since 2009.

The Garner Circle & Co.

Atlanta, GA

As of 2005, The Garner Circle has worked with world-class and emerging brands of all shapes and sizes. They specialize in developing and executing novel and fresh ways for Garner Circle & Co.’s clients to connect with their target audiences. Practice areas include Consumer Brands, Health & Wellness, Book PR, Technology, Beauty, Entertainment, Nonprofit, and more.

The JDot. Agency

New York, NY

Since its inception in 2007, The JDot. Agency has quickly become one of the hardest working PR firms in the fiercely competitive New York market. Their goal is to devote unrelenting ideas and energy to each and every project.

The Official Maleeka Group

Atlanta, GA

As the go-to agency for small business owners, entrepreneurs, personalities, and growing brands, The Official Maleeka Group pulls all the strings they need to gain you trustworthy and earned media attention. They anticipate the excitement and execute on your vision to become a household name.

The Sayles Group

Las Vegas, NV

The Sayles Group is a unique consulting firm that is often referred by its clients as the emerging leader in community relations, business development, and events due to its great success with using creative and colorful ideas when designing strategies specifically to enhance clients’ bottom line.


New York, NY

Translation is an agency of creative entrepreneurs actively engaged in the culture in which we work. The common thread in all of their work is a firm commitment to transformative engagements that get powerful business results for their clients. Translation is the bridge between true consumer insight and brand aspiration.


San Francisco, CA

TwentyFirstCenturyBrand partners with founders & CEOs of the world’s most innovative companies to realize transformational growth through excellence in marketing. Founder Jonathan Mildenhall and his co-founders Alexandra Dimiziani and Neil Barrie have assembled a team of the world’s best left and right brain thinkers: CMOs, Strategists, Data-Geeks, Storytellers. This agency knows what it takes because they’ve built some of the world’s best brands.

Twice Media Productions

Houston, TX

Twice Media Productions produce compelling videos to help bring your vision to life. When you need help communicating a message visually, Twice Media Productions is here for you. This agency gives you that extra push to take your marketing campaign to the next level.


UWG, a leader in thought, creativity, and innovation, has carved its legacy in the multicultural advertising space for fifty years. As a trailblazer and cultural vanguard, UWG connects brands to multicultural audiences beyond the construct of race and ethnicity. UWG’s work will continue to be cemented in history for years to come.

Walton Isaacson

Culver City, CA

Founded in 2006, Walton Isaacson is an independently held, certified minority-owned full-service agency. Aaron Walton and Cory Isaacson have built a world-class agency that has helped numerous brands build their relationship with consumers. The employees at Walton Isaacson spend each day with the goal of becoming your brand’s most valuable partner. A few of their clientele includes Lexus, Whirlpool, Dove, and so many others. 

Yvette Owo Coaching

New York, NY

Yvette Owo Coaching helps owners who are frustrated with inconsistent sales, small margins, low-performing teams, or inefficient processes. They help you by finding the root-cause issue and using data, innovation, your current strengths, and a holistic business review to increase growth.


New York, NY

With a passion for transforming business objectives into creative content experiences, 19TH & PARK has been turning ideas into masterpieces for the last 10 years. As a creative agency, their goal is to create content that not only resonates with your target audience but leaves a lasting impact is top of mind.

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¹ All information regarding the agencies was found on websites and company LinkedIn profiles

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