6 Top User Experience Agencies from the 2015 UX Awards in NYC

Featuring six of the top user experience, design strategy, and advertising agencies from the 2015 UX Awards.

ux awardsThe 5th Annual UX Awards came to a close on November 16, 2015 at the Parsons School of Design in New York, and was sponsored by Sparks Grove – a human experience design firm located in Atlanta. With a host of great brands, agencies and judges from around the world attending the UXies, we wanted to take some time to highlight agencies doing great work in UX design.

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Grand Prize: Veryday – Design Strategy Firm

Veryday won the Grand Prize for “Best UX at Simplifying Complex UX Challenges” for their work with Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. Veryday worked with Arlanda’s air traffic control operators to create a new Departure Sequencing Tool to increase efficiency in take-off scheduling and improve on the old programs the air traffic controllers were using.


Gold: Method – User Experience Agency

Method won Gold in “Best UX for Non-Screen Interactions” for building Henri, a prototyping tool that allows designers to create light and sound patterns in real time without the need to code. With the evolution of smart devices, the need for physical products to be able to communicate independently of screens is becoming more important. Henri’s interface allows designers to focus on the interaction capabilities of physical products by freeing designers from thinking about code.


Silver: The Village of Useful – Advertising Agency

The Village of Useful won Silver in “Most Inspirational UX for Educational Advancement” for My Big Tomorrow in collaboration with the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education at the University of Newcastle, Australia. My Big Tomorrow is a website dedicated to help high school students in underprivileged areas learn and understand different career choices, with the ultimate goal of helping them graduate from college.


Silver: Work & Co. – User Experience Agency

Work & Co. won Silver in “Best Digital Brand Expression” for the reimagined digital presence of the Metropolitan Opera. With the Metropolitan Opera in New York struggling to engage younger audiences, the Met turned to Work & Co. to improve the overall feel and experience of their website.


Bronze: WAE – Design Strategy Firm

WAE won Bronze in “Best Public Sector Service Design” for the Metropolitan Police Mobility Project in the UK. WAE developed a crime reporting tool called the Crime Reporting Information System (CRIS), which allowed officers to quickly report crimes, collect evidence and record witness statements all from their iPad Mini.


Honorable Mention: SS+K – Advertising Agency

SS+K and the Mark Morris Dance Group were recognized by the UX Awards for creating a Google Glass app called, “Moving Through Glass.” The wearable technology app helped people living with Parkinson’s disease have greater control and freedom in their daily lives through dance and music-based exercises.


For the 2014 UX Awards, expert judges included Giles Colborne (Managing Director at CX Partners), Alex Cuthbert (Director of UX at PicsArt), Katie Dill (Head of Experience Design at AirBNB), Bill Flora (Founder of Tectonic), Jennifer Kilian (VP of Digital at McKinsey), Peter Merholz (Experience Design & Product Consultant), Ian Worley (Global Head of UX at Morgan Stanley), Jake Barton (Principal & Funder of Local Projects) and hosted by Beverly May (Executive Director at the UXies).


UX Design For Good Seems To Be The Winning Trend

It was great to see many of the UX projects from this years crop of winners fixing real problems for good causes. UX design can be applied to nearly everything we do, but helping solve real problems like Parkinson’s feels good.

I like this trend of great UX for good causes. Want to use UX design for good? Check out our list of great UX agency.


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