Top 6 UX Agency Projects You Need To See

Want a better user experience to drive sales and customer satisfaction? Check out this list of top UX agency projects and see what great UX design looks like.

By now, many of you know what user experience is, if you need a refresher, read our breakdown on UX design for a quick walkthrough. While UX encompasses a lot of different factors from things you can and can’t control, in the end it’s all about simplicity and knowing your user. Because ultimately, it doesn’t matter how high tech and beautiful your mobile app is if no one knows how to use it or doesn’t enjoy using it.

So, let’s take a look at six examples of UX done right!

Mossio – Vertical Mass

Vertical Mass

Vertical Mass, a data management platform for brands and celebrities, helps clients have a better understanding of their fans across all digital platforms. They teamed up with Mossio to update the user experience and interface of their ad platform so that users could maneuver and understand the data more easily.


Orbtec Consulting – McDonalds


In Asia, McDonalds delivers to your home through the McDelivery Web Ordering Service. Why this isn’t in the U.S. is beyond me. However, due to poor user experience of its online ordering site, McDonalds was losing $20M in potential traction each year. In collaboration with Orbtec Consulting, the McDelivery service got a facelift on desktop and mobile resulting in a 26% increase in total digital orders in Q4, 2014. See more here.


Phuse – Giusto


Phuse created a mobile app that helped caterers and chefs have a better understanding of their guest’s likes, dislikes and allergies, allowing the chefs to create a menu that everyone can enjoy. See more here.


Say Yeah! – Unata


Unata, a hyper-personalized shopping platform, allowed digital shoppers to get a 1-to-1 tailored shopping experience that resulted in increased customer loyalty and gave brands a distinct competitive differentiation. Say Yeah!’s mission was improve the overall experience of the process from creating a marketer’s dashboard to an improved app. See more here.


The UX Department – iCustomer


iCustomer is an online platform that helps brands manage and enhance their social media presence on different social channels.  The UX Department worked closely with iCustomer to design the entire application from the color palette to the web application. See more here.


UX Guys – Mountain Equipment Co-operative


Mountain Equipment Co-op, an established outdoor gear and clothing brand, wanted to revamp their online shopping experience back in 2013. With the help of the UX Guys, they were able to create improved product landing pages and a more efficient checkout process. See more here.


User Experience Done Right

Now that we’ve seen some great UX projects, take the time to check out the agencies listed above and also other UX agencies on our platform.

Find the perfect UX agencies for you and use their experience ;)

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