10 Tweets You Missed Last Week: The Future of Retail Marketing

Marketers, can you tweak your retail marketing tactics in real-time?

Twitter blurs the lines of retail marketing

When considering the future of retail, the song “Blurred Lines” comes to mind. The division between e-commerce and bricks and mortar gets murkier every day. Some of that muddiness can be understood with a quick jaunt over to Twitter. These ten tweets will help any marketer faced with the ever-changing challenges of retail marketing.

Know Your (Digitally-Inclined) Customer

Millennials account for 27% of the US population. And the majority of them want brand experiences to be consistent across online, store, and mobile. Check out the infographic for more juicy insights.

Selling toothbrushes? Then you might not have to worry about the sharing economy. Everyone else, watch out.

A drugstore has cracked a proverbial marketing nut: getting quality organic content to targeted consumers across social channels.

The convenience of mobile shopping seems to appeal to one gender more than the other:

A different kind of “fast fashion.” J.Crew leads the industry in collecting and crunching data from all of its shoppers, across multiple touchpoints.

Facebook wants in on that game too.

Brick and Mortar: Way of the Dinosaur or Staying Power?

One vote for traditional retail becoming extinct.

To counter, a vote for the strength of four walls. After all, 90% of retail transactions still occur in physical stores.

What’s more likely is a continued blending of traditional and digital retail. Amazon’s new mobile card reader, Local Register, shows the e-commerce behemoth understands that it can’t sell everything online.

Slowing retail sales? Here’s a marketing tactic you can try: accepting bitcoin.

The Shifting Sands of Retail

A rapidly changing retail landscape means merchandisers and commercial real estate moguls have their work cut out for them. The same goes for marketers. Don’t assume that the same old POP displays and retail promotions will be the status quo in five years. Use the information here, coupled with a solid shopper or mobile marketing agency, to be ahead of the curve when it comes to your 2015 retail marketing plan.

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