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Core Service: Branding
Additional Services: Design Strategy, Marketing Strategy

“We design the whole brand story that connects customers, employees and stakeholders from the inside out.”

Recently rebranded simply as Little, this branding agency has a knack for not only designing a brand but also communicating its essence across all touchpoints. Once you get to know them, you might ask, what’s in a name because their work, clients, and talent are anything but little.


Branding Agency EmployeesThere’s a great amount of diversity at Little, which has a history of hiring the best local talent since its early days as a graphic design shop. They must be doing something right, as they were recently named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For by Minnesota Business Magazine. They’ve got great leaders, founder and local design celebrity Monica Little and Chief Creative Officer Joe Cecere, but there’s a wealth of fresh, young, and inspiring talent that completes the picture.


Little takes their clients’ challenges by the horns and delivers a comprehensive and creative solution that takes into account the entire brand eco-system while delivering a single brand message. Too often, brands engage agencies to solve only for their consumer facing experiences or only for their employee communications. In order to see the entire scope of the brand and execute on the brand promise, Little recognizes the importance of connecting the players on both the inside and the outside.

Local marketing giant, Target, employees a range of creative agencies for various initiatives, but Little did something that no other had done before: connecting the brand story across guest facing experiences, shareholder communications, and turning Target’s employees into brand ambassadors. See some of their great work:

Branding Agency Little Target

Target’s quarterly magazine for employees

Branding Agency Little Target

Target’s Cart Team

Another great example of their cross-touchpoint execution can be seen in their partnership with Lowe’s. Brought on to help differentiate Lowe’s from the crowded DIY space and revamp their recruitment process, Little is helping shape their talent with informed and inspired employees.

Branding Agency Little Lowe's


Branding Agency Little Place
Their office is a great mix of work areas and play areas, seemingly arranged to encourage interaction and collaboration. There are loungy spaces with a little fridge, a cafe looking room where people change the ambiance by pushing their own music playlist, and straight-up studio artsy spots where production happens. They’re a fun bunch with a lot of creative spark that echoes throughout their people, space, and work.

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