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Clarity Coverdale Fury

Core Service: Advertising
Additional Services: Branding, Design Strategy, Digital Strategy

“We uncover the emotional connection between what people really desire and how a brand can uniquely deliver on that.”

Well known for producing high-caliber TV spots, Clarity Coverdale Fury (CCF) has an established talent in brand storytelling. With every engagement, they focus on how to help create brand preference among consumers through direct emotional benefits, shared values, or brand voice.


CCF and Agency SpotterFounded by Tim Clarity and Jac Coverdale over 34 years ago, CCF has built a strong small agency team that is frequently described by clients as: Creative, Good Thinkers, Ethical, Respectful, and Enthusiastic.


They are often approached for strategic guidance on consumer insights and brand positioning which directly reflects their proven expertise at “feeding the emotional connection between brands and people.” They’ve got an impressive, cross vertical client roster including: Chopin Vodka, Wings Financial, International Dairy Queen, and Red Gold Tomatoes.

This creative agency obviously knows their stuff, having won or been a finalist 11 times for the 4A’s O’Toole Best Small US Agency award.

CCF has also built a solid, persuasive arsenal for encouraging social change, for the better. An ongoing initiative with longtime client ClearWay Minnesota has resulted in the powerful “Still a Problem” anti-tobacco project that’s helping to educate and inspire Minnesotans to reduce use among the youth. Check out more about this integrated campaign:

And, if you need more evidence of their focus on and ability to better society, take a look at the “Buzz Karma” campaign which helped farmers in economically disadvantaged regions become more sustainable and profitable:

Place Point-of-View

CCF Awards

Although their office was in transition, we were quite impressed when we saw their mountains of awards being boxed up, and we couldn’t help but snap a quick shot.

Since their space is currently being remodeled (it’s looking great already!), we’re highlighting a unique area of study on which they have a strategic point-of-view: The Conscious Consumer.

CCF has gone to great lengths to gain a research-based, working expertise on this growing segment of “new consumers” who support brands based on shared values. They maintain a hearty and active blog which provides valuable insights into how the Conscious Consumer makes buying decisions and how brands can build stronger connections with them.

CCF Blog

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