Minneapolis Agency Spotter: Sevnthsin

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Core Service: Mobile
Additional Services: Social Media, Design Strategy, Digital Strategy, Web

“We’re focused on creating amazing work for daring clients by marrying creative with technology for today’s mobile first world.”

Sevnthsin takes mobile seriously. With beautiful interfaces that simplify the complex, this mobile agency designs and creates apps people want to use. And like they say, “the internet’s in your pants.” So, who doesn’t want to get in there?!


Mobile Agency SevnthsinJamey Erickson has built a tight crew that has freedom to explore their interests and expand their roles amounting in a great deal of passion behind each engagement. They are not afraid to push boundaries with their clients in order to advocate for emerging practices that better position clients in front of their audiences. Oh, and admittedly dorks, they are all up-to-date on both pop culture and Star Wars.


Even though they have a strong focus on mobile, Sevnthsin operates in a screen agnostic world understanding that users expect a seamless experience no matter where they are and what device they’re using. Clients get a holistic look at their customer experiences across web, social, and mobile in order to avoid siloed experiences too often found when companies treat each as a separate strategy.

This is the type of work they’ve excelled at with brands large and small, from giant retailers to their best bud’s band. A small sample from their past year: Target, General Mills, JCPenney, Purina, Bon Iver, Minnesota Public Radio/American Public Media, Filter Magazine, HealthPartners, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and The College of Visual Arts.

Recently, they designed and launched a hot new foray into the nightlife app scene with Avabar. This app takes users’ experiences to a whole new level from knowing where the hot spots are, finding friends, getting deals, to possibly meeting someone special.

Mobile Agency Sevnthsin Avabar Mobile Agency Sevnthsin Avabar Mobile Agency Sevnthsin Avabar







The interface is sleek, easy to follow, and does a great job encouraging users to take advantage of all the features. The app is available for both iOS and Android.


Mobile Agency Sevnthsin
Sevnthsin is taking their move into a new space as an opportunity to create a fun, inspiring, and thoughtful environment. So far, they are off to a great start! While the majority of the studio is open, there are secret nooks where you can sneak off and hunker-down. They’ve put a fun spin on how they do their systematic and comprehensive testing by building a Banana Stand testing station (a nod to Arrested Development and their self-defined inner-dorkness).


If you’re in Minneapolis, you might want to take time to stop by. They are always up for visitors to chat about the latest trends in the marketplace, or you can go for high score on the Guns n’ Roses pinball!

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