Minneapolis Agency Spotter: BBDO Proximity

Agency Spotter MPLSArmed with a bike, camera, and plenty of water, we set out to profile the creative agency scene in Minneapolis. Follow our journey.

BBDO Proximity

Core Service: Advertising
Additional Services: Branding, Mobile

“We’re the smallest, biggest brand advertising agency in the city”

Let us explain that: BBDO Proximity is a small(er) advertising agency that stands on its own, in front of those four big letters, not behind them. They’ve got a reputation for some of the most outstanding work in a highly creative and competitive market. And, they’ve got resources at their fingertips that you couldn’t find anywhere else.


Advertising Agency BBDO ProximityAt about 70 people, the Minneapolis team is vibrant, passionate, and smart. They’ve got a long history for sure, but for the past 1 1/2 years, their new President, Neil White, has brought a refreshed, ambitious, and entrepreneurial spirit to the team. The folks we met  were a good cross-section of their diverse workforce: young, not young, musicians, writers, businesswomen, brand marketers, and digital gurus.


This is the type of agency you bring home to mom. Even though you might do crazy things together, you still get a buttoned-up, polished final product that drives outstanding business results. That’s why past clients stay in touch and bring them along even after moving on to new companies. Hey, Hormel Foods has kept BBDO at its side for over 80 years!

Here are 4 reasons you should love BBDO Proximity:

Strategically oriented – they’ve got proven tools and insight for a strategic approach to solving their clients’ challenges. They take the time to fully understand their business and partner with them in finding the best solution that will achieve their business and communications objectives.

Outstanding creative – turning “creative friction” into impactful creative is their secret weapon. Check out their portfolio on Agency Spotter to see examples of this great work.

Powerful network – as part of the world’s most awarded and arguably creative agency network, they are 1 degree from any specialty.

Fun to work with – who doesn’t want to hang out with people who like bacon and have a great roof deck?

If that’s not enough, they are up-to-date on the latest digital trends and technologies. Check out some of their recent work with Spam and Jennie-O mobile sites:

Advertising Agency BBDO SpamAdvertising Agency BBDO Proximity Spam Advertising Agency BBDO JennieO


Advertising Agency BBDO

BBDO Proximity is located in the Fifth Street Towers which is part of the Skyway system, ensuring that even in the coldest months, you can get there without freezing your face off (or breaking a sweat in our case).

They are a great mix of creatives with business sense, and their space reflects just that. There are conference rooms that even the most conservative of brands would feel at home in as well as free, open space where we caught-up with designers and tech leads hanging out. We got a quick look at their in-house photo studio that’s rumored to have been a crash-pad for those burning the midnight oil.

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