Ever Wonder What Marketing Agencies Nike and Microsoft Use? Brand Pages Unlock This Data For The First Time

For the first time ever, it is easy to see which marketing agencies and brands are working together. The launch of Brand Pages by Agency Spotter provides a window into client-agency relationships, creative work and stats on agencies who work with each company.

what marketing agencies do top companies use?

37 Companies Featured In Brand Pages Launch

CMO budgets have hit all time highs over recent years, but the ability of many companies to effectively manage and report on their roster of agencies has not kept pace. When companies have hundreds or thousands of agency partners around the world without great Agency Management tools, it results in a less productive spend with agencies and makes it harder to manage the risks inherent in partnerships. It can also put CMOs at a disadvantage when reporting to the CEO and interacting with their C-level peers.

Whether the data is in an Excel spreadsheet or in an obscure database, it typically isn’t easy for everyone across the enterprise to access. Agency Spotter is changing that with Brand Pages and a suite of agency management products for large enterprises as well as a lighter product for small teams, Agency Management for Teams.

“Brand Pages are part of Agency Spotter’s continued effort to bring more transparency to the marketing and advertising industry,” shared Brian Regienczuk, CEO and Co-Founder of Agency Spotter.

This launch includes Brand Pages from 37 of the world’s top companies, bringing to life data that gets trapped inside large global companies. Explore the data, the marketing agencies and design firms, and the creative work related to these top companies.

brand pages on agency spotter

“In many cases, this is data that even employees at these companies have a hard time obtaining.” Explained Regienczuk, “this data-driven launch is the start of providing a more accurate view of the agency partner landscape. We look forward to bringing to light all the agencies who work for these companies and hope many more will be represented in the days and weeks to come.”

The Brand Pages launch includes 37 of the biggest companies in the world: 3M, Adidas, Amazon, American Express, Apple, AT&T, Bloomberg, Dell, Deloitte, Delta Air Lines, Diageo, EMC, Facebook, Google, GSK, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Macy’s, Microsoft, Nike, Oracle, PayPal, Pearson, PepsiCo, Philips, Skype, Sprint, Starbucks, Target, The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, Unilever, Verizon, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Xerox, and Yahoo!.

Brand Pages Showcase Stats, Marketing Agencies, and Creative Work

The stats start to paint a picture of the type and diversity of agencies working with each company. While the data will continue to grow and improve, it already begins to answer questions like:

  • Does Nike work with mostly large, well-known, marketing and ad agencies or smaller, specialized agencies and design firms?
  • What cities have the most agencies working with American Express or Dell?
  • Are women owned marketing agencies doing work with Adidas, Facebook, or PepsiCo?

How Brand Pages Help Companies

Agency Spotter’s goal is to improve the search, selection and management of marketing and design agencies for companies of all sizes. Brand Pages can help employees at featured companies jump start their own search by looking at agencies who have already done work with them.

For everyone else, Brand Pages are one more springboard for your own agency search. Want to know what advertising agencies or branding agencies the biggest companies use? Now you can.

Curious about the small and medium sized digital marketing agencies that help many of the top brands drive ROI? Now there is a place you can go to start your agency search and find inspiration from the agencies working with these companies.

Marketing teams need tools to do their own agency search effectively. Agency Spotter is the world’s top independent choice for agency search, selection, and agency management. Explore Brand Pages or join Agency Spotter: www.agencyspotter.com.

Daniel Kim