Mobile Innovation in PDX: Meet Citizen

Check out CitizenMobile today. Space colonization tomorrow.

Portland mobile agency Citizen started in a basement woodshop in 2005. Today they can help your company with any mobile quandary, from platforms to products to services. Strategic consulting, UX, design, and development can all be found within Citizen’s walls. Always pushing boundaries, Citizen is working towards space colonization and secure cloud-based brain storage in 2021.


11 Things to Know About Citizen

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In Portland Since: 2005

# of Employees: 50

# of Employees Who Bike to Work: 13

# of Four-Legged Employees: 6

What We Do Here: Citizen is a technology innovation firm. We utilize our Connected Thinking philosophy to identify the place where Industry, Technology, and Users intersect, and we leverage that knowledge to build robust solutions for our clients.


3 Characteristics We Look for in Potential Clients:

  1. They want a partner, not just a vendor
  2. They are excited to push boundaries with technology
  3. They challenge us to continually grow our expertise

Portland mobile agency Citizen holds a workshop.

Our Clients Love Us Because: We highly value collaboration and believe our role is to bring an additive ingredient to our clients’ teams – augmenting their minds, their eyes, their ears, and their voice.
In Portland mobile agency Citizen's office.
Most Interesting Physical Thing in Our Office: The missile hanging over the studio floor.

Most Favored Food Truck: We can’t pick a favorite truck! Our pod alliance definitely falls with Q-19 though. Check them out at NW Quimby & 19th.

Company Mantra: Be Infinitely Curious

The #1 Thing We Love About Portland: The forward-thinking, highly creative culture

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