Outsmart the Numbers. Maximize Your Marketing Budget for End of Year

Earn your boss’ praises. Here’s how to get the most out of your marketing budget before end of year.

The best way to budget for better creative agency work

“Use it or lose it.” A term with which we’re all familiar. Especially when it comes to annual marketing budgets. Got a little extra left in this year’s war chest? Then let’s make the most of it.

How? Here are two ideas to maximize your marketing budget.

Think Small, Go Big

Consider tackling a small, focused project that results in an impactful deliverable. Targeted user research or getting a head start on next year’s website redesign, for example. Aim for a project can wrap up 2014 with a bang or lay groundwork for a bigger future endeavor.

Write up a short and sweet brief with detailed key deliverables for the project. Now all you need is a digital agency or marketing research firm to execute. The average agency search takes three to six months, time you don’t have.

Fortunately, Agency Spotter can get you the information you need to quickly choose the right design studio, ad agency, or mobile experts with less risk. Plug what you need into our search bar: service, location, budget, etc. Then check out the portfolios that meet your requirements. Read customer reviews and use the “see how you’re connected” feature to ask your network about agencies who make your short list. Contact the few you like, send them your brief, and you’re on your way!

Jumpstart 2015

Your brand has set goals and priorities for 2015 (or so we hope). Since you know what’s coming down the pipeline, why not start building the momentum of your campaign now with this year’s budget? (A sure way to get kudos from your boss.) Identify a piece of a future project you can start now and get that work paired with the right agency. Using our online agency search engine, you can have 2015 projects completed before 2014 holiday promotions start. Instead of worrying about lost budget, rejoice in knowing you’ve given your brand a headstart.

Alternatively, start using Agency Spotter to find the creative agencies or design studios you’ll need in a few months. Focusing on content marketing? We’ve got you. Need to develop the design of a new product? We can help with that too. No matter what kind of creative expertise you need, Agency Spotter will help you find the right one.

Knowledge is Power

We’re here to help you use your brand’s resources wisely. That’s why we built a digital marketplace that puts everything you need to know about an ad agency or design studio in one place. Don’t waste the rest of 2014 looking for an agency the old-fashioned way. Get ahead of the competition and effectively apply your marketing budget by taking a faster, smarter approach to agency search with Agency Spotter.

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Claire Wallace