10 Must-Read Tweets You Missed Last Week: #IceBucketChallenge

When trying to raise awareness of a terminal disease, keep it simple. That’s why the Ice Bucket Challenge works.

Tech CEOs take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, and Twitter’s Dick Costolo

Clever hashtags only go so far. To get the attention of millions, to go viral, takes something more. Marketers watching the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge take over Facebook feeds and earning wide coverage in the press can’t help but to take some notes. To date, the Challenge has raised $41 million for the ALS Association, engaging regular Joes, CEOs, and sports teams.

We’ll make it easy for you to find of the best pieces of  the Ice Bucket Challenge discussion. Start filling that bucket and get reading.

Engagement Far and Wide

Getting widespread engagement amplifies the ALS Association’s mission, building awareness and increasing donations to remarkable levels. Needless to say, it helps when famous people participate:

Major League Baseball got involved too:

As did the co-founder and chairman of Nike, Phil Knight:

Brands also jumped on the wagon. The (waterproof) Samsung GS5 challenged competing Apple and Nokia models.

While Southwest Airlines pulled in Virgin America:

You know things are going your way when a Muppet gets on board.

Ice Bucket Takeaways for Marketers

Want to learn how to replicate the viral marketing success of the Ice Bucket Challenge? Take your pick!

Don’t have time for eight lessons? Here are five.

Or just one.

Brand marketers shouldn’t be the only ones paying attention. Other nonprofits are trying to figure out how create their own version of the Challenge.

Is the Ice Bucket Challenge more about “slacktivism” than supporting the cause to end a terminal disease? An agency weighs in.

Going Viral

Recreating the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge won’t be easy. Unlike brands, the ALS Association exists to help find a cure for a disease. The Association is selling hope, while creating an opportunity for individuals to do something to help. You may not be selling something quite as noble, and that’s ok. But consider using one of these agencies to help you build a viral marketing campaign. Remember: keep it simple.

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