Webinar: 2019 Marketing Trends Report Highlights

This year’s webinars were sold out. We are excited to provide a recording of one so you can join Agency Spotter’s CEO and CoFounder, Brian Regienczuk, as he walks you through highlights of the 2019 Marketing Trends Report. 

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Which services are the hottest
  • Trends over the last 5 years
  • New insights
  • New trends to look for

The Trends Report Webinar uncovers 5 trends that will continue to shape the future of marketing. This webinar is designed to help you see the trends of the past to inform future decisions for your business. 

Even as the marketing industry continues to transform, our goal at Agency Spotter is to bring data and research to life so you can navigate the landscape successfully. 

Download the full 2019 Marketing Trends Report

The report is based on data from more than 320,000 marketing professionals and subject matter experts across 160 countries. All 41 service areas on Agency Spotter have grown in volume, and some continue to capture a much larger share of attention year over year.

All of the services on Agency Spotter continued to grow in volume of searches by an average of 204% year over year. But, certain services have shown consistent multi-year growth or faster growth in the last year.

This attention and growth in volume of searches by marketing professionals and subject matter experts shows concrete demand versus hype. That can help businesses plan their marketing investments, help marketing agencies better plan their capability mix, and help individuals charting their careers.

About Agency Spotter

A B2B marketplace and SaaS provider, Agency Spotter connects marketing decision makers with top marketing agencies across advertising, design, digital, and 41 marketing services in all. Attracting small, medium, and global enterprises, Agency Spotter is the world’s top independent choice for agency search, selection, and agency management.

Agency Spotter’s website maps the marketing services industry landscape, making it easy to use more information, like verified client reviews, to build a shortlist and select the right agency partner. For more information or to search for your next digital agency partner, visit agencyspotter.com.

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Mingu Lee