Advertising Holds On To Top Spot, See Biggest Shifts In Marketing Trends Report

Agency Spotter’s 2019 Marketing Trends Report brings data to life from more than 320,000 marketing professionals across 160 countries. The fifth annual marketing report covers a lot of ground including demand trends for 41 marketing services and highlights 5 marketing trends that will shape the years ahead.

This report is built on trends over the past five years. It introduces new search data with multi-year performance ratings. And, it continues to show the rise in popularity of marketing services along with the stability and decline of other services.

Concrete marketing services data like this can provide real guidance to business stakeholders and to individuals looking at career paths across marketing.

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2019 marketing trends

“The call for alignment and transparency has continued from executives around the world, and we are calling back with new tools to help,” said Brian Regienczuk, chief executive officer and co-founder at Agency Spotter.

All of the services on Agency Spotter continued to grow in volume of searches by an average of 204% year over year. But, certain services have shown consistent multi-year growth or faster growth in the last year.

This attention and growth in volume of searches by marketing professionals and subject matter experts shows concrete demand versus hype. That can help businesses plan their marketing investments, help marketing agencies better plan their capability mix, and help individuals charting their careers.

Key insights revealed in the Marketing Trends Report include:

  • Marketing Spend: CEOs and CMOs agree on one thing, marketing budgets are set to increase
  • Agency Searches: Brands continue to search for more agencies, more frequently
  • Demographics: More than 320,000 marketing professionals from 160 countries searched for agencies, a 204% increase year/year
  • Most Searched: Top 5 marketing services accounted for 29.4% of all searches in 2018
  • Women-owned: 74% increase in searches for Women-owned agencies
  • Multi-year Marketing Trends: All 41 marketing services grew in volume across 2018

2019 marketing trends

Throughout 2018, Agency Spotter helped over 320,000 marketers and subject matter experts at companies big and small begin their agency searches.

“This report builds on trends in marketing services and lends data driven context to the noise that sometime surrounds our industry. I hope it helps you navigate the future as you see the rise in popularity of some services along with the stability or decline of others.”

2019 marketing trends

Every week some of the biggest brands are using Agency Spotter, and, for every big company, there are hundreds of small and medium size businesses looking for a new marketing agency partner.

In fact, there are 133 Brand Pages that showcase some of the largest companies aggregating client-agency relationship data on the public agency search platform including Google, Amazon, Adidas, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Verizon, Dell, and Disney.

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