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Location: HQ in Farmington, CT plus an outpost in Somerville, MA right across the river from Boston
Core Service: Digital Strategy
Additional Services: Data Analytics

How would you describe Primacy in three words?

Authentic, accountable, team-players

What’s the story behind Primacy’s name?

The word “primacy” means first and foremost. At our core, Primacy is a Primacydigital agency, so our name stems from the fact that digital represents the most common introduction between brands and their customers these days. At the same time, we understand that digital in and of itself can’t move our clients’ businessesforward. We’re not the agency that’s going to pitch the latest bright shiny object… unless we’re clear on the objective that it achieves or problem that it solves. Because that’s everything to us. We’re Primacy. We believe in Digital with Purpose.

What is Primacy’s strength as a digital strategy agency?

PrimacyWe’re not a traditional agency that jumped on the digital bandwagon to follow the gold rush. Our owner and president founded Primacy as a digital agency, so it’s been our core since our inception. That’s important because it means that we have the strategic vision required to leverage digital to solve real business problems, as well as the technical chops and constant collaboration to get things done and get them done right. We can truly go from concept to implementation (and then leverage our Advance Analytics team to optimize the experience). What’s more, our Practice Area Leads understand the industries that they represent because they’ve actually worked in the industries that they represent. It’s this unique combination of industry experience and digital expertise that makes us different.

Are there challenges unique to working on a financial services engagement?

Many of our clients in the financial services vertical tend to adopt digital at a slightly slower pace than those in the consumer space (for example). So we need to understand that these clients are more comfortable on the leading edge of digital (or fast follower) – not the bleeding edge. It’s our job to be mindful of the broader trends and adoption rates in some our faster moving verticals, bubble up the right opportunities, explain how they’re relevant to the industry and illustrate how their use will help support the sales cycle (in a B2B2C model, for example). It’s not so much a challenge, as an opportunity to help add value but it’s definitely something that we need to be mindful of when we’re approaching projects for clients in this vertical.Primacy

How does your agency’s culture benefit your clients?

We think that happy employees lead to happy clients. We’re big on collaborating together, producing great work and still getting everyone home in time for dinner. It takes the right set of employees that are passionate and dedicated to their jobs, but also genuinely enjoy coming together to solve a problem. Many companies talk about a work/life balance, but we truly try to own it. We think the mix of great people and a culture that doesn’t burn folks out is the key to turning out great results that keep our clients happy.

We hear there are chickens in your backyard. How did they get there? Do they have names?

PrimacyIt’s true! Our Farmington, CT office has an employee-led organic garden. It was started by a group of folks who were passionate about gardening and wanted to share tips with the office. It’s grown to 2,300 square feet of garden space and an annual harvest of fruit, vegetables and herbs. We added chicken coops last year and now we’ve got 24 chickens producing four dozen eggs a week. They also help prep the gardens each year with weeding, flushing out grubs and fertilizing. And yes, they all do have names – our president’s kids named every chicken (but they’re the only ones who know them all).

Thanks for chatting with us, Primacy!

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