10 Must Read #Marketing Tweets You Missed Last Week: Game Changers

Being a marketing game changer ain’t easy.

lebron-marketing-game-changer-spriteHow do some companies manage their brands so well? These days, marketers with serious digital expertise and a heavy dose of creativity are to blame. These people may be internal or with a great agency. Regardless of where you find them, their ability to draw eyeballs to a brand deserves a nod.

This past week on Twitter was full of World Cup madness, social media developments, and lots of good creative industry analysis. How do small and large agencies stack up? Which agencies are worth following on Instagram? And how might Unilever be changing its agency procurement process? Read on to keep up with these marketing game changers.

All Things Social

Tumblr is pretty excited about integrating 6-second videos into its platform. As a marketer, are you?

Kids these days. They love their mobile devices. And using them to buy things on Amazon.

Want to build your personal brand online? It’s going to take more than that posed selfie.


Going against the trend of ballooning agency rosters, Unilever is centralizing control of the digital agencies its brands work with and their budgets.

Are small agencies better at delivering innovation than large ones? Can they get on Unilever’s list? Do they want to?

When they’re not toiling away on engagements, these agencies maintain some pretty fun Instagram accounts. (As do we.)

The Sporting Scene

LeBron is off to Cleveland. 7-11’s in Ohio might see a jump in Slurpee sales, despite the strategic lack of an official jersey.

We love when brands get clever with current events.

No, this is probably not the image Coca-Cola is going for at the World Cup.

And lastly, our favorite tweet from yesterday’s World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany:

Until Next Week’s Game

Quite honestly, we’re a bit sad about week without World Cup matches. Fortunately the beauty (and danger) of Twitter is that something interesting is always available on the platform. And who do we have to thank for that? You game-changing marketers. Until next week, check out the digital agencies trending on our site or our article on how the best brands do social media. Enjoy!

Claire Wallace