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Atlanta PR firm Brandware Public Relations knows how to rev the PR engine.

Words to live by for Atlanta's PR firm Brandware PRBrandware Public Relations is a world-class independent agency and the go-to partner for motorsports, active lifestyle, and luxury brands. (Don’t fall into one of those categories? They can still help your brand make waves.) How did they earn that reputation? Years of delivering powerful results for their clients with a smart, fun-loving team.

If you’re looking for a creative partner that understand how lifestyle influences brand and product choices, Brandware PR is that partner. They specialize in public relations, but buzz-generating microsites, market research, and unique events are well within their capabilities. Start a conversation with them–and don’t be shy to ask about that shredded piece of fiberglass body panel from a race car.

Location: Sandy Springs, right outside Atlanta
Core Service: Public Relations
Additional Services: Branding, Social Media, Data Analytics

13 Must-Know Facts About Atlanta’s BrandwarePR

In Atlanta Since: 2000

# of Employees: 10

# of Employees Living ITP vs OTP: 3

# of Four-Legged Employees: 6, including one Atlanta wiener dog racing champion

In 10 Words or Less, What We Do for Our Clients: Craft compelling stories and campaigns that build passion and sales

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3 Characteristics We Look for in Potential Clients: Passion. Entrepreneurial Spirit. Fun.

Most Interesting Physical Thing in Our Office: A shredded piece of fiberglass body panel from a crashed race car – sorry, can’t disclose the details. Everyone lived to tell about it.

Quote from Elke Martin of Atlanta PR firm Brandware PR

Preferred Office Snack: Anthony’s Mom’s chocolate covered pretzels, Mel’s Kombucha tea, Lindley’s homemade pistachio ice cream.

Company Mantra: Don’t be an order-taker, be an instigator.

Best PR Campaign in the Last Six Months (not by you): Kudos to our friends at Ford who put a Mustang on top of the Empire state building – twice. Stunts are old-style PR that still work wonders for awareness, especially when they’re highly visual and social media share-worthy.

In 1965, Ford’s “Operation Mustang” a ’66 Mustang was disassembled and taken by elevator to the roof where it was then reassembled on the observation deck. Ford decided to repeat the stunt to celebrate this year’s Mustang 50th anniversary. If we measure “best” by the numbers (which we do, since half of our business is market research), this one was a huge winner. There wasn’t a major news outlet that didn’t cover the event.

The #1 Thing We Love About Atlanta: It’s a love/hate relationship: when everything is running smoothly, we love our airport with close to 1,000 daily Delta flights for convenient out-of-state client and event trips.

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Clients They’ve Helped:: Ferrari North America, Porsche, Penguin Brand Dry Ice, and Carestream Health

Awards They’ve Won: A national Communicator Award for the creative excellence of a B2B informational brochure produced on behalf of client Penguin Brand Dry Ice

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