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Atlanta digital agency Look-Listen sets a new standard.

Atlanta Digital Agency Look-ListenFounded by childhood friends, Look-Listen is a digital agency that strives to evolve within the digital space, not into it. Over the past eight years, they’ve been successful. The Look-Listen team has grown, kicking off 2015 in expanded digs on Atlanta’s Westside.

Blame it on love for their success. Look-Listen sees their work as a series of “positively charged connections.” They help people fall in love with their clients’ brands. Looking for love? Stop by, connect, and see what this full-service digital agency can do for you.

Location: The Westside area of Atlanta
Core Service: Web
Additional Services: E-Commerce, Digital Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Advertising

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11 Must-Know Facts About Atlanta’s Look-Listen

In Atlanta Since: 2007

# of Employees: 35

# of Employees Living ITP vs OTP: 30 living ITP / 5 living OTP

# of Four-Legged Employees: 6

In 10 Words or Less, What We Do for Our Clients: We solve problems, think creatively and build our client’s revenue.

3 Characteristics We Look for in Potential Clients:

1. We look for clients that want to truly partner with an agency to change their business. We want to take a step inside their company and do the hardest, most impactful work.

2. We look for a client that has a culture of experimentation and testing, because we want to move the needle and try new ideas. We measure the efficacy of the work and make decisions based on human insights and qualitative and quantitative data, before we second guess the strategy.

3. We look for clients with mature business processes that allow our team and theirs to focus on the work. We’ve helped launch over a dozen startups but our sweet spot is working with companies that have marketing organizations we can plug into.

Preferred Office Snack: Mixed Nuts

Company Mantra: Everything is Connected

Favorite Social Media Channel: LinkedIn

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The #1 Thing We Love About Atlanta: The diversity of people. We have an amazing gender, ethnic, and cultural mix at Look-Listen, and we don’t believe that could happen anywhere other than Atlanta.

Clients We’ve Worked With: Philips, Jones Lang LaSalle, and BRIM Coffee


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