6 Top PR Agencies from the 2015 PRWeek Awards

Discover the six top public relations agency winners we felt had the biggest impact from the 2015 PRWeek Awards.

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Top Agency Awards

Small PR Agency of the Year – Singer Associates

Singer Associates won Small Agency of the Year for demonstrating its consistency over the year and doubling the firm’s revenue from $4.5 million to $9 million.

This small agency work with some powerhouse clients like Chevron and Mosanto because they would tackle difficult issues many would avoid. Recently, Singer helped Chevron win out over fraudulent litigation in Ecuador and partnered with the City of San Bruno to increase the fine against Pacific Gas & Electric for their part in the San Bruno explosion, which was the worst natural gas explosion in US History.

For their incredible efforts, judges at the PRWeek Awards praised Singer Associates for their “excellent consistency in business performance. Exceptional client outcomes on very difficult topics.”

singer associates san bruno article


Midsize PR Agency of the Year – Allison+Partners

Allison+Partners won Midsize Agency of the Year for its impressive campaigns and acquisitions over the past year, and was called a creative and aggressive agency that focused on the business outcome of clients.

Allison+Partners’ recent self-promotion campaign at SXSW called Cronut at Midnight amassed nearly 700 million impressions in a single week showing again how creative and bold the agency could be. Adding to their impressive year, Allison + Partners acquired PR Century and Frause to enhanced their presence not only in America but also around the world. With their acquisition of PR Century, the firm’s Asia-Pacific revenue increased by 300%.

allison+partners sxsw cronut at midnight

Agency of the Year/Large PR Agency of the Year – Weber Shandwick

Weber Shandwick had an incredible year, winning two of the most prestigious awards at the 2015 PRWeek Awards. Judges called Weber “the most integrated agency on the planet” and praised the agency for its ability to break barriers and embrace change.

Weber was named Agency of Record for several large brands like Fisher-Price and Excedrin, and was also recognized for increasing sales by 13% for Mattel’s Barbie with their #Unapologetic campaign. You don’t have to apologized for anything Weber, you guys had a monster year.

weber shandwick mattel's barbie #unapologetic campaign


Top Campaign Awards

Campaign of the Year – MSLGroup

The MSLGroup won Campaign of the Year, Product Brand Development Campaign of the Year, Cause-Related Campaign of the Year and also the Best Use of Social Media/Digital for the #LikeAGirl campaign from Procter & Gamble and Always. So basically the PRWeek judges thought this campaign was awesome…!

It was called “a smart, very sophisticated, one-of-a-kind program that made a difference.”

With such high praise, the viral video and campaign summarized the impact of the phrase “like a girl” and showed how girls of all ages interpreted the phrase. Many attributed the phrase to mean weakness, but the video showed that with some insight, we could help change what the phrase meant.

The video was viewed over 75 million times on YouTube with 4.5 billion global media impressions and also increased Always’ Twitter followers by 195%. I agree with the judges, this video was awesome!

Healthcare Campaign of the Year – Edelman

Edelman won Healthcare Campaign of the Year for the CVS Quits Campaign where CVS announced that they would be pulling all tobacco products from their stores, even if it meant losing $2 billion in revenue.

This bold campaign implemented a wide variety of efforts that included rebranding CVS to CVS Health and cementing the companies message of “helping people on their path to better health.” With the CVS Quits Campaign, the company’s stock rose by 9.2% in three weeks and also garnered over 129 million media impression with 117K posts on social media. A real example of putting your money where your mouth is. Good job CVS Health.

edelman cvs quits campaign


Consumer Launch Campaign of the Year – Mullen

Mullen won Consumer Launch Campaign of the Year and Best Use of Broadcast/Video Award for the “World’s Toughest Job” viral video. In collaboration with American Greeting, Mullen created a campaign to show how being a mom is the world’s toughest job.

With a budget of $800,000, Mullen created a viral video for Mother’s Day that received over 21 million views on YouTube and also was a Top 10 Twitter trend with over 80,000 tweets on the same day. This campaign not only created real buzz, it also generated a 37% increase in traffic, 16% increase in net sales and 40% boost in new customers for Cardstore.com. Shout-out to all the moms & dads raising kids out there!

Now It’s Your Turn

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