6 Top Content Marketing Agencies from the 2015 Content Marketing Awards

We are featuring six of the top content marketing agencies from around the world at the 2015 Content Marketing Awards. Owned by the Content Marketing Institute, the awards recognizes the best content marketing projects from agencies, brands and marketers each year. With over 75 different awards, the winners are broken down into six smaller categories: strategy, social media, video, publication, editorial and design.

Having announced all individual category winners, The Project of the Year, Agency of the Year and Content Marketer of the Year will be named at the Content Marketing World conference on September 10, 2015.

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Best Launch of the Year – Velocity Partners + Sprint Business


Sprint Business, a new division under Sprint’s B2B services, provides businesses of all sizes the ability to adopt advanced collaboration, mobility, security and communication tools to help employees stay engaged, be productive and grow the business.

Velocity Partners and Sprint Business won Best Launch of the Year for their multi-million dollar integrated marketing campaign that focused on the people behind the company and technology second. The campaign featured a host of TV, print and digital content that were featured in the biggest publications and TV networks.


Best Agency/Client Content Marketing Partnership – King Content + Universum

king content content marketing with universum

King Content and Universum, a employer branding company, won Best Agency/Client Content Marketing Partnership and also Highest Conversion Response from a Content Program for their content marketing campaign to target millennial’s. Through research of the millennial generation, King Content and Universum created highly targeted marketing material that would raise awareness of the brand and increase lead and revenue generation initiatives. King Content produced themed content packs that consisted of eBooks, articles, infographics and social content. From these efforts, Universum saw a massive return on investment of 257%.


Best Overall Use of Social Media – Spoon + Volvo Trucks

spoon content marketing with volvo trucks & koenigsegg

Spoon and Volvo Trucks won Best Overall Use of Social Media for the “Volvo Trucks vs. Koenigsegg” video campaign. To highlight the brand’s new clutch gearbox called the I-Shift Dual Clutch, and to live up to the audacious tagline “under the hood it’s a sports car,” Spoon came up with brilliant yet simple idea of having the Volvo truck race the Koenigsegg, one of the fastest production cars in the world.

The video achieved massive results, generating over 412 headlines in 35 different countries and received over a million views after the video was first published.


Best Motivational Video or Video Series – Lush Digital Media + Ronald McDonald House

Lush Digital Media and the Ronald McDonald House won Best Motivational Video or Video Series for the RMH video. The Ronald McDonald House Charities were created to be the”home-away-from-home” for many families with sick children. The houses were designed so that family members could stay close to their child’s hospital at little or no cost.

This video was specifically made to help families around the Perth area and raise enough money to build a significantly bigger Ronald McDonald House. Through the help of the RMH video and many other efforts, the Charity was able to raise the goal of $22 million in a short few months and build a new facility that would accommodate up to 1,000 families a year.


Best Content Marketing Video Series – Windowseat + Quiznos

windowseat content marketing with quiznos mad x-men

window seat content marketing with quiznos house of thrones

Windowseat and Quiznos won Best Content Marketing Video Series for their digital content platform Toasty.TV. The content marketing campaign was a way for the sandwich chain to re-engage with their millennial audience and stay relevant in ever-changing social media landscape.

With tons of curated content, Toasty.TV was picked up by over 200 media publications, had over 6.3 million YouTube views and boasted an incredible 7.9 million minutes for the Toasty.TV site.


Best Infographic Design – 97th Floor + Code Red Safety

the top 10 deadliest jobs infographic

97th Floor and Code Red Safety won Best Infographic Design for “The Top 10 Deadliest Jobs” graphic. This simple but well crafted infographic navigates through the deadliest jobs in the world presenting information like median annual salary, number of jobs and a danger meter. In the oversaturated world of infographics, “The Top 10 Deadliest Jobs” is presented in a way that is easy to digest and visually exciting.

If all infographics looked like this, the world would be a better place.


“Content is King”

When Bill Gates first quoted this line back in 1996, who would have thought it would still resonate today. With the internet, content is the great equalizer because any brand or person can create content and have the chance for it to be seen by millions of people.

Content marketing should be a no-brainer for every brand’s marketing strategy, and if it isn’t, now is the time. New to content marketing or don’t know where to get started? Reach out to some of these top content marketing agencies and have a strategy setup in no time! When the agency asks how you found them, make sure you give us a mention :)


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