10 Must Read Tweets You Missed Last Week: Native Advertising Fun

John Oliver questions native advertising.

Native advertising: an ingenious marketing tool or erosion of journalistic integrity?

We have John Oliver, of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, to thank for sparking the recent native advertising debate. Naturally, people on both sides took to Twitter to weigh-in. We couldn’t help but to collect a few of our favorites.

Sparking the Conversation

Leave it to Oliver to use Twizzlers and guacamole to illustrate the complexities and compromises of native advertising. Whether you do or do not agree with his point of view, you have to admit that the combination of red licorice straws and an avocado-based dip sounds less than appetizing.

The Responses

It quickly became clear that most marketers would disagree with Mr. Oliver.

Many sources poked holes his the argument against native advertising, from Digitday to Marketingland.


The CEO of BuzzFeed, a hotbed of “sponsored content,”  weighed in too:

But wait a sec…is there even an official definition of native advertising?

Meanwhile, On The Fringes of the Debate

Let’s be honest, native advertising is merely an extension of brand storytelling. And brand storytelling is alive and well.

And as a marketer, having a skill for storytelling will serve you well.

As would the ability to improve retargeting technology.

Goin’ Native

We have a hunch native advertising isn’t going anywhere. It will continue to evolve, as marketers’ value lies in their ability to find new, fresh ways of delivering brand stories. We also know that ad agencies will play an important role in this evolution. Find a good one, and they’ll spot opportunities for your brand, native and otherwise, that might get you mentioned on Last Week Tonight.

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Claire Wallace