Top Marketing Projects on Agency Spotter: February 2018

Agency Spotter exists to help you exceed your marketing goals. One way we facilitate this process is by exhibiting agency work that inspires you. By curating examples of outstanding agency work of all kinds (advertising, digital, UX, and more) for your review, we hope to help you find what you’re looking for in your next marketing partner.

With that goal in mind, we’ve recently revamped our Project of the Day series, which is a Twitter-based roundup of notable marketing projects by agencies across our 40 service areas that hint at the types of things the great agencies on our site can help you achieve. Follow us @agencyspotter for an easy way to sample them all.

In case you missed any of them this February, they’re listed below. We curate our choices based on agency reputation, client feedback, and by asking ourselves whether or not they inspire us. Enjoy.

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1. DEFINITION 6 for Lacoste

2. My Friend’s Nephew for Zaxby’s

3. BASIC for Fender

4. iMedia Inc. for Susan G. Komen

5. Dam Digital for Cosmos Tours

6. Brass Ideas Advertising for Microsoft

7. Smarthinking for The Cove

8. Pixelslave for ALO

9. The Juju for Sidra Real

10. Seed Factory for CDC Foundation

Here’s to the above mentioned companies and agencies for collaborating with their clients on some great work.

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Paul Weston