Top Marketing Projects on Agency Spotter, April 2018

Did you miss any of April’s Projects of the Day? Hopefully not.
If you did, however, they’re listed below. We choose the projects based on agency reputation, client feedback, and by asking ourselves whether or not they inspire us.

Our Project of the Day Twitter series presents you with the top projects on Agency Spotter to give you a sampling of the great things companies can achieve when they partner with the right agencies. The series includes projects across all service areas (e.g. web, video production, content, and more).

The Projects of the Day are broadcast on Twitter, so follow us @agencyspotter to keep up with them, even if just as daily reminders to stay on the cutting edge.

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1. Chemistry Club for Monterey Bay Aquarium

2. Response Marketing for McAfee

3. Zero Studios for Foursquare

4. Copious for Birchbox

5. 6S Marketing for Pirelli

6. My Friend’s Nephew for Adidas

7. BASIC for Blue Shield of California

8. OH Partners for the Arizona Lottery

9. Boone Oakley for Carmax

10. Pixelslave for TSA PreCheck

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Paul Weston