Top 50 Biggest Company Reviews Of Agencies

The Top 50 Biggest Company Reviews of Marketing Agencies on Agency Spotter pulls together 50 client reviews from the biggest companies written for the agencies that helped them. In this day and age, verified client reviews have become the go-to resource for decision makers across all platforms. For marketing agencies and design firms, it’s a way of validating their services no matter how big or small. As consumers, we look at reviews for credibility when trying to find the right product on Amazon or the best restaurant on Yelp, just as business decision makers look to Agency Spotter to navigate the thousands of agencies across digital marketing, advertising, innovation, branding, and dozens of other service areas.

This list ranks 50 reviews from the biggest companies for agencies out of more than 1,000 client reviews based on competitive portfolio, agency projects, estimated yearly revenue, and client feedback. If your brand is looking for an agency to work with for the next big project, check out the experience these clients had with agencies from around the globe.

50. Fetzer Vineyards’ Review of The Engine Is Red

“Innovative Web Site Development!”

David Head, E-Commerce Sales Manager at Fetzer Vineyards says:
“They were very creative, responsive and flexible throughout the process.. read full review


49. Papa John’s Review of ESV Digital

“Wonderful SEM support!”

Laura Crowder, Digital Marketing Manager at Papa John’s says:
“The team works quickly and diligently and is extremely attentive to our account.. read full review


48. PTC’s Review of Lemmon/Hughes

“Top-shelf thinking, understanding and execution”

Christian Barr, Vice President, Marketing at PTC says:
“Their creation was unique and memorable beyond compare, which contributed tremendously to what our CEO said was the “best marketing ever done at PTC” on an investor call.. read full review


47. Travel Tailor’s Review of Tuya Digital

“One of the most recommendable digital agencies to take you from zero to the top”

Adriana Gheorghe, Travel Agency Manager at Travel Tailor says:
“..Due to the content they have created and the way they have optimized it, our monthly unique user number exceeded 30K a month.. read full review


46. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Review of BrandCultures

“Creative, straight shooters”

Ellen Sonet, VP, Marketing at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center says:
“They have astute and creative ideas that are feasible and won’t break the bank.. read full review”


45. Aquarius Sports and Entertainment’s Review of GoConvergence

“GoConvergence executes fresh ideas according to plan, even on very demanding timelines”

Shauna Gillem, Vice President, Client Services at Aquarius Sports and Entertainment says:
“We continue to partner with GoConvergence because they do a fantastic job at bringing our clients’ visions, brands and ideas to life, on time and within budget.. read full review


44. Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs’ Review of LOOMIS


Amy Howarter, Vice President, Marketing at Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs says:
“In the end, we received a branding package that included strategy, creative execution, and a personality that is elevating our brand today.. read full review


43. Wall Street Journal’s Review of Smarthinking

“Smarthinking Inc.: focused, detail-oriented, analytics-driven”

Damon Salerno, Client Partner at Wall Street Journal says:
“Their candor and enthusiasm about their clients demonstrates an intimate knowledge beyond the basic needs and goals of an ad campaign.. read full review


42. CIRCA’s Review of Pursuit

“Pursuit Recommendation”

Jennifer Pearson, VP, Marketing at CIRCA says:
“They understand the customer we are trying to target and they do not waste money or time in order to acquire them.. read full review


41. Yale University’s Review of Red Rock

“Excellent company with outstanding values”

Vinod Srihari, Associate Professor at Yale University says:
“The team was eager to learn, flexible, easy to work with and delivered products that have garnered positive feedback from a wide range of stakeholders.. read full review

40. Citizens Parking’s Review of Bigbuzz Marketing Group

“Creates a BUZZ”

Jerry Skillett, CEO at Citizens Parking says:
“Bigbuzz Marketing Group has been by far the best company I have worked with over the past 25 years.. read full review


39. Lamborghini’s Review of Iris Atlanta

“Exceptional Partnership”

James Page, Director of Marketing at Lamborghini says:
“The team’s infectious passion for the brand is second to none. Proud to have Iris as our partner.. read full review


38. Sona MedSpa’s Review of UNION

“Beautiful design and exceptional user experience”

René Fielder, Marketing Director at Sona MedSpa says:
“The design they delivered exceeded our expectations and has remained relevant over time.. read full review


37. NanoLumens’ Review of leftchannel

“Great firm to work with and very creative team!”

Matt Nurre, RDI, Vice President of Global Retail at NanoLumens says:
“They are a solid team that always delivers – on time and on budget with best-in-class results that stand out from the noise.. read full review


36. Atlassian’s Review of Brass Ideas Advertising

“Strategic Focus and Agility is Where Brass Ideas Advertising Really Shines”

Theresa McDermit, Head of Brand & Advertising at Atlassian says:
“In terms of results, Brass was able to deliver in the timeframe that we needed. Nobody believed we could make the deadline, especially given the budget we were working with. But the Brass team was able to deliver.. read full review


35. Destination Salem’s Review of Sir Isaac

“Sir Isaac did far more work on their end than I anticipated, exceeding our expectations at every turn.”

Kate Fox, Executive Director at Destination Salem says:
“We needed to be at the next level, and Sir Isaac helped us get there.. read full review


34. Corigin Ventures’ Review of Ruckus

“With Ruckus, I have the rare feeling that we are all aligned and working together as true partners.”

David Goldberg, Principal at Corigin Ventures says:
“I’ve worked with a lot of agencies in the past, but I’ve rarely had the feeling that I got with Ruckus, that we were aligned and working together as true partners.. read full review


33. Amazon Music’s Review of Gupta Media

“Gupta Media delivered results!”

Robin Burrowes, Global Paid Media Lead at Amazon Music says:
“..can point to a great working experience, across a range of creative, content, media planning and strategic acquisition projects.. read full review


32. PayPal’s Review of Global Brand Works

“Add Brand Engagement to your New Hire Program”

Thomas Perparos, New Hire Program Manager at PayPal says:
“They are true experts on brand and can clearly explain what a brand is and why it matters, with fun anecdotes and compelling stories.. read full review


31. SlingshotVR’s Review of CemtrexLabs

“Innovation with peace of mind”

Cody Ross, CEO at SLingshotVR says:
“..the workflow and communication was transparent and efficient, and ultimately lead to a successful deliverable.. read full review

30. Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Review of Brokaw

“Brokaw and Beer. The partnership with Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland OH”

Bridget Barrett, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Great Lakes Brewing Company says:
“I have had the opportunity to work with many agencies in my career and find the Brokaw team stands out in terms of commitment, quality and value. I am very proud to have Brokaw as our partner.. read full review


29. Nau Clothing’s Review of Copious

“Smart as shit.”

Kyle Duford, Director, E-Commerce at Nau Clothing says:
“It will be Copious who has won the right to lead our development in the future. I highly recommend using them for your project. And ask them for the whiskey. The good kind. You’ll need it when you celebrate.. read full review


28. Kids II’s Review of Launch

“Top notch strategy, results that matter”

Shannon Delaney, VP of Digital & Consumer Marketing at Kids II says:
“The Launch team over delivers every single time.. read full review


27. Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Review of OH Partners

“Excellent creative marketing agency”

Nicole McTheny, Director, Regional Development at Cancer Treatment Centers of America says:
“They pour their hearts into everything they produce, and the result… compelling work that drives results.. read full review


26. Redbox DVD’s Review of Lemmon/Hughes

“Tremendous support for startup retailer”

Greg Waring, VP, Marketing at Redbox DVD says:
” I’d highly recommend them to other retailers looking to cut through the clutter and disrupt their categories.. read full review


25. Red Bull’s Review of Zooom Productions

“Zooom delivers the best in image solutions”

Lubor Keliar, Director of Communications at Red Bull says:
“It’s a complex, global operation and zooom ensure it’s also a seamless one. . read full review


24. Sage’s Review of Struck


Rachel Fairley, Global Director, Brand and Campaigns at Sage says:
“High quality, fast, edgy with a traditional twist.. read full review


23. AMC Networks’ Review of Flint & Steel

“Truly remarkable”

Norman “Scott” Harrower, Marketing Director at AMC Networks says:
“Flint & Steel is one of those rare companies that just gets it.. read full review


22. Marriott International’s Review of Beeby, Clark + Meyler

“BCM Will Help You Achieve Your Goals, Every Time!”

Jeremy Wilbur, Director, Digital Marketing at Marriott International says:
“My trust factor with them is 100% – we can be serious, do great work and also have a laugh.. read full review


21. Mitsubishi Electronics’ Review of ASO Advertising

“Growing a Brand”

Joe Mastroianni, CMO at Mitsubishi Electronics says:
“Creative product is exceptional as is their media strategies and executions.. read full review

20. Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet’s Review of Chemistry

“Happy Client”

Matthew Loney, President & CEO at Stevi B’s Pizza says:
“..Has been an instrumental part of the remodeling and repositioning of our brand over the past three years.. read full review


19. Mall of America/Nickelodeon Universe’s Review of Preston Kelly

“Creative and results driven.”

Jennifer Lauerman, Sr. Director of Marketing at Mall of America/Nickelodeon Universe says:
“PK is smart, creative and strategic – plus they’re genuinely nice people.. read full review


18. McAfee’s Review of Response Marketing

“Response Keeps Clients On-Trend”

Judith Kemp, Sr. Director, Consumer Marketing at McAfee says:
“..Response went above and beyond to guide us in best practices for the podcast content, website, launch, and promotion.. read full review


17. Hendrick Motorsports’ Review of Union

“We had high expectations, and UNION exceeded them.”

Christine Brownlow, Manager, Brand & Digital at Hendrick Motorsports says:
“The deep insights, design and user experience presented by the UNION team helped us deliver a best-in-class content platform that increased fan engagement, page views and time on site.. read full review


16. Phillips’ Review of Storyline LLC

“Best customer insight experience ever!”

Susana Sanchez, Global Change Manager at Phillips says:
“It was a perfect match from the beginning.. read full review


15. YMCA’s Review of Preston Kelly

“Dedicated to success”

Bob Thomas, Chief Experience Officer at YMCA says:
“Above all else they kept the success of the campaign and the value of the brand a priority.. read full review


14. Arby’s Review of Smith Brothers Agency

“Smith Bros. and Heinz”

Rob Lynch, Brand President and CMO at Arby’s says:
“I never felt like they fell into a routine.. read full review


13. Skullcandy’s Review of Piston

“Great experience”

Jason Bertrand, Senior Manager, Digital at Skullcandy says:
“Very good with communicating often.. read full review


12. Nike’s Review of Ambit

“Creative and Strategy Genius”

Nathania Harrison, Nike Women Brand Communications at Nike says:
“Ambit took creative standards to the next level and helped deliver strong digital strategies that allowed us to connect with our target on a deeper level.. read full review


11. Cox Enterprises’ Review of ASO Advertising

“Great Agency-Greater People”

Don Dixon, Director Integrated and Affiliated Brand Marketing at Cox Enterprises says:
“If I won the lottery I would probably buy a business just to be able to work with ASO.. read full review

10. Kelloggs‘ Review of XTOPOLY

“Mind your visual language”

Nadeem Amin, Regional Digital Manager at Kelloggs says:
“Highly professional project team leads understood the brief from the beginning; their communication consisting of precise questions was highly effective in delivering the project on time.. read full review


9. Newell Rubbermaid’s Review of Thrive

“Above and Beyond”

Philip Thompson, VP Design at Newell Rubbermaid says:
“In all cases the team at Thrive delivered results that went above and beyond expectations.. read full review


8. Sage’s Review of XPromos

“Top notch agency that always delivers.”

Brandi Starr, Sr. Marketing Manager at Sage says:
“..When my clients need an agency partner they are my go to 100% of the time.. read full review


7. Logitech’s Review of Response Marketing

“Creative, Consumer-centric, Can-do attitude”

Irma Sandoval, Marketing Manager at Logitech says:
“Outstanding account management, creative, strategic and skilled in all Marketing functions.. read full review


6. National Basketball Players’ Association’s Review of Kworq

“With Kworq, we have a partner that helps us tell moving, authentic and valuable stories”

Nicholas Daniel-Richards, Chief Digital Officer at NBPA says:
“As with any great work, creative alignment, communication and an absolute obsession to capturing and telling the story happened with Kworq working as partners and not just an agency doing a job.. read full review


5. Nike’s Review of Ambit

“Creative, dynamic and passionate about their work.”

Stuart Dykstra, Digital Specialist at Nike says:
“My experience was very positive and they proved time and again to be great partner.. read full review


4. Salesforce’s Review of Launch

“The best agency I’ve worked with!”

Bill Reed, Senior Digital & Interactive Strategist at Salesforce says:
“The best part is that it feels like they’re an extension of my team. 10/10, I will continue to use them for as long as they’ll do work with me!.. read full review


3. Kimberly-Clark’s Review of COHO Creative

“COHO – my go to agency!”

John Walther, Senior Director Design at Kimberly-Clark says:
“..They have always delivered on the business objective and over delivered on the consumer experience!.. read full review


2. Bank of America’s Review of Traction

“Traction uncovered the things I didn’t know that I didn’t know.”

Tim Brown, Creative Director, Digital at Bank of America says:
“There was a moment, an outstanding tipping point, when I knew I had chosen the right agency.. read full review


1.  Coca-Cola’s Review of Taxi Studio

“TAXI Studio: The Fast and the Fearless”

Tom Farrell, Senior Global Design Director at Coca-Cola says:
“End to end, it was one of the most successful redesign projects I have led, and TAXI were really great partners on that journey.. read full review

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