First-ever Top 20 Video Production Agencies Report

Earlier this week, we published Agency Spotter’s first-ever Top 20 Video Production Agencies Report. The inaugural list comes from an evaluation of more than 340 agencies specializing in video marketing, video production, explainer videos, YouTube videos, advertising videos, and promotional video creation. Because it is the first of its kind, the agencies featured had little opportunity to compare themselves to each other to optimize their chances of winning, meaning they are long-time top performers.

Top 20 Video Production Agencies March 2018

The number one video production agency on the report is Lemmon/Hughes. Inspired by human interests rather than by advertising production alone, the agency operates under the following rule of thumb: “no one cares what you have to say if it’s not interesting.”

Marketing transparency and alignment are more important now than ever, and Lemmon/Hughes accounts for this while navigating client-agency relationships, saying “we are all account executives… [working with us means] no layers, no games of telephone, zero latency-understanding, no gatekeepers, and no precious divas. Simple as that.”

Lemmon/Hughes’ clientele includes Verizon, Momentum Sports, IBM, Toyota, PMC, Redbox, Alberto Culver, and more.

Here are the top ten agencies on the list:

Top Web Design Agencies For March 2018

1. Lemmon/Hughes – Nashville, Tennessee
2. PatrickOrtman, Inc. – Studio City, California
3. IndieWhip – Providence, Rhode Island
4. Kworq – New York, New York
5. Mitchell Palmer – Boise, Idaho
6. Honest Motion – Kings Park, New York
7. leftchannel – Columbus, Ohio
8. Stork – New York, New York
9. fLO Content Marketing – San Francisco, California
10. The Juju – New York, New York
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In close second was the ADDY-award winning video production agency PatrickOrtman out of New York. They are also three-time Telly Award winners and have worked with household brands like BMW, IBM, Apple, AT&T, CapitalOne, MasterCard, along with many startups and nonprofits.

Some Insight on the Winners

  • 100% are independent firms
  • 95% have fewer than 50 employees
  • 25% have multiple locations
  • 25% are located in New York
  • 20% are located in California
  • 15% are women-owned (Stork, fLO, Zellmer McConnell)
  • One is listed as minority-owned (The Juju)
  • One is located in Canada (Simple Story)
  • One is located in Belgium (and action)

Congratulations to the Top 20 Video Production Agencies!

The winning agencies were selected based on Agency Spotter’s proprietary research
methodology, which uses our website’s extensive data along with qualitative and quantitative insights to evaluate factors including each company’s qualifications, experience level, positioning, and client feedback.

Our Top Agencies research reports are issued regularly, and we are developing more of them tailored to individual marketing and design service areas. Our purpose is to help you achieve your marketing goals, and to do that you need a great-fit agency.

You can check out the rest of our latest reports, including the Top 20 Web Design Agencies Report for March 2018, here.

Paul Weston