Agency Spotter Featured in Startup Spotlight

We love talking about creative agencies, and we enjoy telling our story to help others understand why we’re out to make agency search easier for everyone.

Agency Spotter on Startup SpotlightHere’s an excerpt from Magnetude Consulting’s recent interview with co-founder, Joseph Raccuglia. Read the full article here

Do you think your marketplace will create more competition than already exists today?

With over 120K creative agencies in the US alone, the competition is already fierce. What we see is that in many cases the agencies that get the most attention are the ones that get the jobs, and it’s not necessarily based on merit. We hope that with Agency Spotter, we can level the playing field and give a lot of agencies the opportunity to compete for business that they wouldn’t normally get to.

What is one area of marketing that has been successful for you?

We have an active social media presence across many outlets, and we’ve gained a lot of traction through these communications. You always hear success stories about startups that have built their businesses off of Facebook and Twitter engagement. For us, it’s really been about LinkedIn, and I guess we shouldn’t be surprised given we are focused on a B2B process that traditionally is based on networking and relationships. LinkedIn provides the right forum and authenticity for us to make valuable impressions and connections. Participating in groups, conversations, sharing with our network, and reaching out to key decision makers has done wonders for us. It’s one of our biggest traffic drivers.

Read the full interview to learn more about how we got started and how we are building a startup that matters.

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