How Portland’s Hotbed of Creative Talent Can Help Your Brand

Caffeine, Cycling, Cafés, Creativity.

Any brand marketer craving honest-to-goodness refreshing creative work must take a closer look at Portland’s design studios and creative agencies. All this week, Agency Spotter will give you an insider’s look into Stumptown’s standouts in design, digital, UX, and advertising. See them all here.

Independent Exuberance

TArt near a Portland creative agencyhat independent creative spirit may be best represented by Design Week Portland. The week-long event during the first week in October weaves together independently-organized events, creating a platform to connect and inspire through design. If you’re in the area, take advantage of the staggering number of events, from open houses to lectures. Even Stefan Sagmeister will be contributing to the programming. (His talk on happiness sold out in minutes.)

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City of Makers

Portland's creative agencies work with NikeFrom Nike to Daimler Trucks to Schoolhouse Electric, Portland is a city of makers. There’s less emphasis on the rat race and more on making the most of the moment. Work gets done, but productivity fits in around happy hours and treks to Mount Hood. Making, designing, and marketing are integral parts of the city’s fabric.

Portland’s diverse range of companies works to your brand’s advantage. Whichever industry you’re in, there’s ample bandwidth for your advertising, digital, and design projects. That’s reason enough to take a closer look at your options.

Smart Talent That Sticks

Besides 9 months of rain, Portland attracts and keeps smart, creative people with microbreweries, food trucks, and outdoor beauty galore. Creativity here is not limited to “put a bird on it.” It’s everything from the Timbers Army to crowd-sourcing a name for the new public transit bridge.

Portland itself is a brand. A bike-friendly city with the highest number of strip clubs per capita. It’s that mixture of order and chaos that gives local creative work a flavor of it’s own. How can that flavor help your brand standout?

The bridge to your Portland creative agency

Find the Right Portland Creative Agency

Use our features of Portland’s independent creative agencies as reliable guideposts as you explore what the city has to offer. Features are short and sweet–quick insight that fits between Design Week Portland events or routine meetings. Keep track of your favorite Portland advertising agency or digital strategy shop by using Agency Spotter’s custom list function. Whether you’re searching for a new creative agency partner now or later, use our spotlight on PDX to find the right match for your next endeavor.

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