New York City’s Top 20 Digital Agencies Report for September 2018

NEW YORK, September 25, 2018 -​Agency Spotter releases the Top 20 NYC Digital Agencies Report for September 2018. The report features the 20 best digital marketing agencies in New York out of hundreds of other local digital agencies on their website,

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Insight on the Winning Agencies:

  • 80 percent are independent agencies
  • 40 percent have multiple locations
  • 25 percent have more than 50 staff
  • 15 percent are women-owned agencies

These top New York digital agencies work with some of the most prominent, established companies including Disney, Nissan, Bose, Calvin Klein, and Verizon.

Ruckus Marketing placed first on September’s Top 20 NYC Digital Agencies report. This full-service agency believes in working “smarter, not louder” and helped brands grow in consumer engagement and action which delivered results. Ruckus Marketing is a consistent performer on Agency Spotter’s top agencies lists with several five-star ratings in client reviews.

Ruckus Marketing has experience in various fields from enterprise to startup, along with companies such as Porsche, Harley-Davidson, Mobileye, and American Exchange.

“I enjoyed working with [Ruckus] because they took the time to get to know who we were. They took the time to get to know where my heart was and where my passion was, and then they looked at our business and they said, you know, how do you guys view yourselves? And then they looked at the world and they said, how does the world look at you? It really gave us a great perspective on how we wanted to present ourselves, so we were able to craft an image of ourselves with Ruckus that I think accurately reflects who we are.”
—David Robinson, Co-Founder at Admiral Capital Group

Bigbuzz Marketing Group earned the number two spot on this Top New York Digital Agency Report. Clients raved about the agency’s creativity, and the account staff’s attention to detail and timeliness with each project. Some of their clients include Garanimals, HBO, Honeywell, and Nikon.

Top 20 NYC Digital Agencies for September 2018

Rank Agency Name
1. Ruckus Marketing
2. Bigbuzz Marketing Group
3. CemtrexLabs
4. Kworq
6. All Points Digital
7. Fueled
8. Croud
9. Flint & Steel
10. iMedia Inc.
11. Dom & Tom
12. Major Tom
13. Brand Kitchen
14. Artisan Council
15. Omega-R
16. 4PointDigital
17. Pursuit
18. Blue Fountain Media
19. Tom&Co.
20. Hudson Integrated

Explore the full Top 20 NYC Digital Agencies Report, including verified client reviews, project work, and more.

The NYC Digital agencies were selected based on Agency Spotter’s proprietary research methodology, which uses their websites’ extensive data along with qualitative and quantitative insights to evaluate many factors including each company’s qualifications, experience level, positioning and client feedback.

Agency Spotter’s top agency research reports are issued on a regular basis and are continuing to roll out across more than a dozen service areas. Interested companies are encouraged to claim their agency or apply to get listed and review the report methodology to be evaluated for future coverage.

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