Meet Chicago Marketing Agency: Youtech & Associates

Youtech & Associates is the Chicago marketing agency that was ranked 24th in the world for the best responsive design. Started in 2012, with a distinct idea in mind, Youtech has assembled the best creatives and engineers to effectively refresh your business from any angle.

Youtech builds empires. How you ask? By partnering data and statistics with digital and traditional marketing, and then taking into account all their clients needs. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at Youtech’s work below and check out what everyone is talking about.


Inside Youtech & Associates

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In Chicago Since: 2012

Core Services: Integrated Marketing and Development

# of Employees: 28

# of Four-Legged Employees: 1 (Turtle the Bernese Mountain Dog)

1. Their origin story…

Youtech was founded in 2012 while our CEO Wilbur was a student at Northern Illinois University, but the genesis occurred well before then. When he was 10 years old, Wilbur acquired the source code to an online role-playing game. He put the code up on his own server and charged users for in-game purchases (think invisibility cloaks, HP potions, rare candies, etc.). Fast forward six months until attorneys for RPG game knocked on Wilbur’s parents’ door. As a 10-year- old, he’d profited $10,000 a week over that six-month span. The attorneys, of course, dropped their civil suit after Wilbur agreed to pay back all proceeds to the source code owner.

2. What you’ll find inside:


3. The meaning of #agencylife…

#AgencyLife means play hard, work harder. For as much as people see the culture, few realize how many hours (not to mention blood, sweat, and tears) go into each and every project. We only exist because of our clients and we know we owe it to them to give our 110% every day.

youtech 3

“We Build Empires.”


Chicago Creative

4. Why Youtech loves CHI Town:

The people. Chicagoans know how to work hard and appreciate the big city life all at once. Chicago is a city that strikes up a balance most others couldn’t dream of.

Youtech 1

5. The best restaurant in Chicago:

Alinea. The creativity that Chef Grant Achatz exhibits in his menus is unmatched. We aspire to reach this same level of imagination and originality in our work.

“We’re a collection of industrious, unrelenting creatives and developers who splice data and art together like a squad of mad scientists.”

– Wilbur You, CEO


Partners in Crime

6. What they do for their clients:

Integrated Marketing & Development

youtech 2

7. Want to work with Youtech? This is what they look for in potential partners…

  • Ambition
  • A Clear Vision
  • Communication

8. Clients love Youtech because…

We’re easily accessible. You can call us and talk to the exact person working on your account at any moment of any day. Text or call our cell phones on weekends and nights. We’re always here and ready to do whatever it takes to make your business succeed.

Youtech Vegas

9. Who they helped:

InterPark, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock, M&M Limo, Pivot Point Academy, UrbanMatter Chicago, Dressander|BHC, Awesome Hand Gaming, Shawn Johnson, American Vending Sales, Ultimate Dive Travel, White Fence Farm, Y-12 Federal Credit Union

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Daniel Kim