Meet Chicago Branding Agency: AgencyMSI

AgencyMSI is the Chicago branding agency that has been independently owned for over 50 years. They launch, reinvent and reposition incredible brands for leading consumer products, speciality retailers and dealers. By leveraging the insights they have gain over their rich history and deep experiences, AgencyMSI has been a leading branding and packaging agency not only in Chicago but throughout the country.

With AgencyMSI, get the top-tier agency know-how but with the agility of a midsize agency. If there is a brand you’ve heard of, chances are MSI has worked with them. So, if you want to work with great people and want great work for your brand then learn more about AgencyMSI below!


Inside AgencyMSI

In Chicago Since: 1962

Core Services: Marketing, Communications, Branding

# of Employees: 54, or thereabouts

# of Four-Legged Employees: 3 – 4

1. Their origin story…

The guy who started AgencyMSI 54 years ago still works here.

2. What you’ll find inside:

The Doors of Death

3. The meaning of #agencylife…

Thursday at 4 pm. When creative team hosts.

agencymsi 3

“Dig Deeper!”



Chicago Creative

4. Why AgencyMSI loves CHI Town:

Alewives no longer die en masse.

5. Chicago campaign AgencyMSI is proudest of:

MB Financial Bank: Using Insight to Create Leadership

MB Financial Bank has a 100-year history in the Chicago market. Management of the bank determined that there was an opportunity to move up to become a leader in the local business-banking community.

Advertising by banks in the category virtually ignored the uniqueness of this audience, instead using business owners as shills in testimonials.

We would propel MB’s growth by presenting a more empathetic understanding of middle-market managers – if MB understands the middle-market business owner better than any other bank, then MB would be the bank that would best serve that individual.

The highly-integrated effort we developed for MB brought the strategic idea to life from television to print to digital to events.

In independent research, MB advertising outscored all competitors on appeal, believability and relevance among the business audience. Most importantly, in a pre/post measurement, this MB advertising created consideration for the brand more than the advertising of any other bank.

And has helped them move into a market position behind only longtime market leaders Chase and Harris Bank, while spending less than a third of what those banks invest in advertising.

6. National campaign AgencyMSI is proudest of:

Boys & Girls Clubs: Celebrating Success

Serving more than 4 million members across 4,200 Clubs, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America has an impactful story to tell.

agencymsi bgca
Each year, one outstanding teen leader is recognized at the annual BGCA Youth of the Year Gala, held in D.C. and attended by congressional leaders, generous partners, supporters and celebrity Club alumni.

AgencyMSI was challenged with bringing this honor to the national stage — to lift the awareness of the program, increase donor and media support as well as drive traffic to the newly launched and engagement for the Gala’s real-time social-streaming initiatives.

7. Most admired Chicago brands:

Billy Goat Tavern, 1871, Boeing, Danche Guitars, Verit Advisors

8. Most admired influencer in Chicago:

Kaitlin Asta

9. The best restaurant in Chicago:

Tufano’s Vernon Park Tap

agency msi 4

“I don’t have to know how to do everything. I just have to know how to hire people who know how to do everything.”

– Dave Weiner, Founder & Chairman


Partners in Crime

10. What they do for their clients:

We solve branding challenges so our clients are heroes.

agencymsi 1

11. Want to work with AgencyMSI? This is what they look for in potential partners…

  • Challenge: we thrive on challenging marketing situations that we can solve.
  • A love for the business: we love what we do. We love clients who love what they do.
  • Partnership: we are all in this together.

12. Clients love AgencyMSI because…

We have big agency thinking & resources in a smaller, more nimble package.

agencymsi 2

13. Who they helped:

Ace Hardware, Adobe, American Marketing Association, Becker Professional Education, Better Business Bureau, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Craftsman, DeVry University, DieHard, Egg Farmers of Canada, Erikson Institute, Habitat for Humanity, iComfort, Kenmore, LiftMaster, MasterBrand Cabinets, MB Financial Bank, Sears, Serta, Steamist, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, The Home Depot, Thermflo, Tractor Supply, True Value, University of Illinois Springfield, United Egg Producers, Verit Advisors, Viega


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