Marketing During The COVID-19 Crisis

There’s no denying the Coronavirus pandemic has had a massive effect on businesses across the globe. As a marketer, it hurts to see so many agencies struggling that are typically thriving during this time. Once again, we wanted to see how agencies are navigating this unusual time.


Marketing During The COVID-19

Top-rated website design and digital marketing agency in NYC, MAXBURST focuses on creative and results-driven solutions. Whether it’s to increase profits, provide support, sell products, or promote your brand, they do it all. Every web and marketing professional at MAXBURST understands the importance of being a client-first digital agency that places unparalleled value on building long-term relationships, providing superb customer service, and developing high-quality web-based solutions.

Long Time Clients Pulling Back

This is undeniably an issue plaguing marketing agencies across the globe. When MAXBURST’s Lead Technology Coordinator Andrew Ruditser was asked how COVID-19 has impacted their agency, he candidly responded, “Many of our long time clients are experiencing a huge loss in revenue and therefore have decreased their marketing and ad spend dollars with us.”

The hard reality is that your best customers are also struggling during this time. But that doesn’t matter to MAXBURST, because they are there to support their loyal clients.

Ruditser mentioned, “We continue to support our long time clients through this crisis even though some of them cannot pay their invoices. We understand the need for continuing the relationship. We do not want our clients to jeopardize any of their marketing efforts such as search engine rankings and unmaintained websites.”

The Importance of Communication

The MAXBURST team is speaking with their clients now more than ever. Ruditser said, “Communication is key during this time and we know that our clients need to have faith in their digital agency that we are staying healthy and financially stable.”

This is why the MAXBURST team speaks to their clients so often. Ruditser believes it encourages them that they have great ideas for how to better market their clients’ businesses online as soon as they open back up.

Looking Towards The Future

And while so much is uncertain in the at the moment, Ruditser and his team are having a positive outlook.

He added, “We believe that this is just a blip and in the grand scheme of things it is important to continue on as usual so that when things do get back to normal, our clients have the advantage.”

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Marketing During The COVID-19

ORCA is a brand and digital agency creating positive change through design. They create highly distinctive challenger brands to shake up your industry while building trust and loyalty with your audience. Their team believes in the power and importance of courageous creativity and building genuine relationships.

Rebuilding Clients’ Marketing Strategy 

Similar to many agencies, ORCA has been forced to pivot a majority of its clients’ marketing strategies. Ewin said, “We’re helping our clients in various ways, from creating new ‘takeaway’ and food delivery offerings for some of our hospitality clients, to creating some informative infographics to make customers aware of the hygiene precautions clients have put in place for their staff.”

In addition to this, he mentioned that ORCA has also implemented virtual classes and consultations for some of their healthcare clients. Their team is making an effort to explain changes and disruptions clearly to their clients’ staff.

Meanwhile, for product owners and food and drink suppliers, ORCA has been helping to market various discounts and benefits for healthcare and other essential workers.

Ewin concluded, “Ultimately we’ve been coming up with new creative campaigns and solutions to help our clients navigate through this difficult time.”

Hoping To Help Others

ORCA has been taking advantage of this time to build an online educational platform, Briefbox. This is an online educational platform, full of practice briefs and resources to help aspiring designers improve their skills and build up their portfolio.

Ewin explained, “We know this is a hugely difficult time for designers and creatives – especially those just starting out in their careers – so as a response to these challenging times, we wanted to do our bit to enhance our current platform and offer a better, more structured educational experience.”

The new platform will be full of essential resources and learning tools, with plenty of free material to equip the design community with the skills they need to thrive in their career. The new site is due to launch on May 11.

Becoming A Stronger Community

Despite how challenging this time has been, Ewin sees the positive: “The way people have come together to support one another has been hugely moving, and the creative solutions that people have shown in response to various social and economic challenges has been inspiring. I hope we can all come back stronger and wiser and learn from this experience. Stay safe and stay positive.”

Meet Counterweight Media

Counterweight Media is an online marketing management and consulting company. They offer their clients marketing services that are packaged to what their company needs for their online presence marketing.

Some Agencies’ Workload Remains Almost Unaffected

Stefanie McKellar marketing director at Counterweight Media said that their normal workload has remained mostly unchanged. However, services such as video and photoshoots have had to be postponed.

McKellar added, “The majority of our clients are classified as essential services, so there has been little to no disruption in client work. Projects have remained on track and we are still available to help our clients any way we can.”

Lending A Helping Hand

One of the ways Counterweight Media is helping their clients during this time is by offering free consultations. In addition to this, McKellar and her team are offering discounts to help those who need it most, “We are also offering discounted website builds for customers looking to improve and grow their online presence without breaking the bank.”

The Power Of Communication

Similar to MAXBURST, Counterweight Media also believes that it is extremely important to maintain communication with clients. These are extremely difficult and uncertain times for many businesses where a sudden silence from a partner agency can send people into a frenzy.

McKellar concluded, “As marketing agencies, it is imperative that we let our clients know that we are still here for them and are ready to help hold strong and adapt to difficulties presented by the current pandemic.”

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