Agency Spotter Featured In A Museum

We’ve been immortalized! Well, kind of.

Agency Spotter was recently featured in the Museum of Modern Betas, gleefully known as MoMB. The MoMB is a site dedicated to collecting webbased applications on a beta trip. This is the perfect museum…no lines, no “Shhhhh!” from a monitor, and most importantly, no need to get off the couch!

Besides realizing that I really like our color scheme, having a small thumbnail of our homepage shown on MoMB was a win for us, as it drove traffic our way and helped us gain more attention from brands and agencies.

The clean design of MoMB reminded me that a great product is simple, easy to use, and at its core, focused on solving the needs of users. This is something we keep top-of-mind as we continue to grow and iterate in the effort to help businesses and creative agencies find each other, fast.

Thanks to all who visited and shared our exhibition (of sorts) on MoMB and to those who have since joined Agency Spotter!