CMO Talks: Put Digital Future Within Arm’s Reach of Desire

How do you maintain focus to shape the future of digital for your company? Industry veteran, Tom Daly, shares his candid reflections on turning the ship and his experiences across top brands like UPS and Coca-Cola.

Tom talks about turning towards a digital future and offers tips for any digital marketer, but especially those thinking of mobile and innovation in their own organizations. His CMO Talk titled “Battleships on the Chattahoochee” was delivered to around 100 marketing professionals in Atlanta on August 11, 2016 as part of the CMO Breakfast Series.

Tom covers the internet of things (IoT), mobile payments, mobile strategy, and many personal reflections on how to make a difference at a large brand. We’ve pulled some of the key take aways and hope you enjoy this CMO Talk as much as we did.

“Coke’s mobile strategy was articulated nearly one hundred years ago when Robert Woodruff promised to put Coca-Cola’s products ‘within arm’s reach of desire.’ Today, Coca-Cola is the world’s largest NFC payments company, taking payments at more than 130,000 vending machines. The company is one of the top 10 credit card processors in the USA.”
    –Tom Daly, The Coca-Cola Company

“We can debate all day long about what is and what is not possible, but here’s what we know. There is no future world that does not include mobile payments.”
    –Tom Daly, The Coca-Cola Company

“It’s not about whether this social site or that social site. Is it going to be Facebook? Is it going to be WeChat? Who cares? There is no future world that doesn’t include social networking. Solve that problem. Go upstream. Don’t get distracted by the shiny new thing.””
    –Tom Daly, The Coca-Cola Company

“There are only two ways work gets done in your organization. There are two possible ways work happens. Either you do it, or you hire somebody to do it. You’re either doing the work or an agency is doing the work. That simple observation gives you instruction on how to start organizing those things.”
    –Tom Daly, The Coca-Cola Company


About Tom Daly

Tom Daly has caught lightning in a bottle. Twice. Actually, he caught it first in a box at UPS and then in a bottle at Coca-Cola. Currently, Tom leads Mobile and Search as the Global Group Director at The Coca-Cola Company.

A conventional start at an exceptional advertising agency put in motion a series of events that have quietly shaped not one, but two industries. His work has impacted a staggering number of businesses and people on a global basis by combining a “how the watch is made” curiosity with a pursuit of simple, but universal and enduring truths. Balancing the big picture with day-to-day realities, Tom has shaped and executed enterprise-level strategies that accelerated and amplified the use of both established and emerging technologies to have a positive business impact.

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