#BostonSpotted: Agency Spotter on the Big Orange Couch

The Ad Club’s Big Orange Couch showcases New England’s marketing excellence.

Big Orange Couch

Agency Spotter spent some time on those orange cushions during our Boston spotlight. Check out our co-founder Joseph Raccuglia’s chat with The Ad Club’s president Kathy Kiely!

How did Agency Spotter come to be? Joseph and fellow co-founder Brian Regienczuk had experienced the pain of agency search firsthand. Their experience at brands and agencies alike motivated and prepped them to solve this widespread problem.

Agency Spotter couldn’t have picked a better time to arrive on the scene. Brands are increasingly diversifying their agency rosters, choosing niche agencies to handle segments of work. In addition, the number of agencies has proliferated. There are now more than 120,000 agencies in the US alone! The site’s features, from identifying trending agencies to specialty search filters, help marketers cut down the traditional 3-6 month length of an agency search. Any reduction in search duration saves brands time and money, helping they stay competitive. In terms of time-saving inventions, Agency Spotter is up there with the washing machine and photocopier.

For agencies, Agency Spotter makes it easy to be found. Agencies simply claim their profile and confirm the information it contains. This process helps put agencies in front of the right potential clients, at no cost. For agencies looking to get an extra edge, premium accounts boost search ranking and more information-dense portfolios.

With the density of creative and marketing talent in the Greater Boston area, it can be difficult to for local brands and agencies to find their perfect match. Our partnership with The Ad Club ensures its members will have a valuable tool for finding the advertising, branding, or design agencies they need, right in their own backyard.

Head over to Agency Spotter now to start your search or claim your agency. We’ll be right here, continuing to take the frustration out of agency search by connecting the right brands to the right agencies.

For more Boston marketing goodness, head over to Agency Spotter’s Boston Hub for agency features and thought-provoking articles.

Claire Wallace