Agency Spotter’s Top 10 Projects For December 2018

Agency Spotter’s Top 10 Projects For December 2018 focuses on helping agencies exceed their marketing goals.

In case you missed any of Agency Spotter’s Top 10 Projects For December 2018, they’re listed below. We curate our choices based on agency reputation, client feedback, and audience engagement.

Agency Spotter’s Top 10 Projects series is a social media-based roundup of notable marketing projects across 40 unique service areas. Its main purpose is to showcase noteworthy projects these agencies on our platform created with their clients.

Most importantly, we make sure to represent work across all service areas (e.g. web, video production, content, and more) to help you find what you’re looking for while exploring possible opportunities.

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top 10 projects december 2018

1. Pininfarina for Coca-Cola


2. Copious for Nau Clothing


3. Strategic America for Fire Magic Grill


4. CMA Brand Presence & Design for Simply Beverages


5. SmartAcre for IBM Watson


6. E29 Marketing for Chicken Of The Sea


7. Tank Design for PUMA


8. TakeFortyTwo Agency for Mailchimp


9. Beacon Advertising for the Adams Golf


10. Mekanism for The North Face



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