Agency Spotter Reveals the Top 20 Content Marketing Agencies Report

ATLANTA, August 22, 2019 – For its latest Top 20 Content Marketing Agencies Report, Agency Spotter evaluates more than 380 social media marketing agencies based on Agency Spotter’s proprietary research methodology. This report takes a broad look at social media marketing agencies from around the world.

Insight on the Winning Content Marketing Agencies:

  • 50% are mid-sized agencies
  • 20% are based in New York City, New York
  • 20% are based in Atlanta, GA
  • 15% are minority-owned

These top content marketing agencies work with some of the world’s most renowned companies, including IHG, Microsoft, Nike, Turner, and Warner Bros. top 20 content marketing Kworq placed first on the Top Content Marketing Agencies Report. This agency lives by story-driven design. From the start of any project, they strive to think about who their story needs to reach, where it will be shown, and who will empathize with their woven narrative.

They’ve successfully applied this thinking across multiple disciplines with clients all across. They believe that a brand story is designed to reach audiences through websites, video campaigns, online interactions, and personalized experiences. Kworq’s work builds engagement, brand awareness, and increases returns.

“Throughout the whole process, even when it was us that slowed the pace, the Kworq team stayed engaged, professional and exceptionally good-natured.”

– Josh Chapin, Board Member, Harry Chapin Foundation

Kworq​’s clients include Calvin Klein, Century 21, L’Oreal, Rayban, and Verizon.

Major Tom earned second place on this Top 20 Content Marketing Agencies Report. With offices in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver, this full-service agency is purpose-built to help clients thrive in today’s increasingly complex marketing landscape. ​They are a proven agency with a strong track record for providing premium online positioning and superior service for their clients.

Major Tom has a team of more than 85 specialists covering the full spectrum of strategy, marketing, development, and creative. By combining top-level strategic consultancy and a full spectrum of marketing services, Major Tom is designed to help organizations connect with the right audiences, with the right information, at the right time. Some of Major Tom’s clients include Cirque du Soleil, HSBC Bank, Red Bull, and Westin Hotels & Resorts.

Top Content Marketing  Agencies

Rank Agency Name

1. Kworq
2. Major Tom
3. Creative Deviants
4. Chemistry
5. Brass Ideas Advertising
6. Red Rock
7. Simple Story
8. Tango Creative Group
9. Mad Fish Digital
10. madison/miles media
11. Donnan Creative Strategy
12. SunnyBoy Entertainment
13. The Content Factor
16. Valverde & Co.
17. Kastner Los Angeles
18. BayCreative
19. Counterweight Media
20. Bookmark Content and Communications

Explore the full Top 20 Content Marketing Agencies Report, including verified client reviews, project work, and more. The top marketing agencies were selected based on Agency Spotter’s proprietary research methodology, which uses their websites’ extensive data along with qualitative and quantitative insights to evaluate many factors including each company’s qualifications, experience level, positioning and client feedback. Agency Spotter’s top agency research reports are issued on a regular basis and are continuing to roll out across more than a dozen service areas. Interested companies are encouraged to claim their agency or apply to get listed and review the report methodology to be evaluated for future coverage.

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