Agency Spotter Releases the Top 30 Advertising Agencies Report

ATLANTA, December 19, 2019 – For its latest Top 30 Advertising Agencies Report, Agency Spotter ranked over 2,400 advertising agencies based on verified client reviews, credentials, focus areas, related expertise, and project work.

Insight on the Winning Advertising Agencies:

  • 60% are mid-sized agencies
  • 27% have multiple locations
  • 17% are based in New York, NY
  • 17% are women-owned

These top advertising agencies work with some of the world’s most popular brands, including Disney, Honeywell, Turner, Unilever, and YouTube.

top 30 advertising agencies

Hoffman York placed first on the Top Advertising Agencies Report. Based in Milwaukee, Wi, this award-winning agency is driven by metrics and work that helps build brands, relationships, and business for their clients.

Hoffman York has a philosophy: You can’t bore people into buying your product or service. Here, ideas are king. They believe in transparency and open communication in working together. They set goals and aren’t afraid to climb as high as is needed to reach them. Clients appreciate how they stretch past limits to get them the results needed. The goal is to cross the finish line first. They also have services focused on media, research & analytics, brand strategy, digital, and content marketing, just to name a few.

“I trust them and consider them an extension of my marketing team. An important part of any relationship is honesty and transparency and Hoffman York delivers.”

– Steven Yde​, Senior Product Manager, Wahl Clipper Corporation.

Hoffman York’s clients include ABS, Cedar Crest, Perlick, Wahl Home Products, and Yamaha.

MonogramGroup earned second place on this Top 50 Branding Agencies Report. Their expertise lies in repositioning their client’s brand for optimal performance, creating a distinctive face and voice that clearly communicates what makes a brand different and better through the prism of the benefits it delivers.

This agency’s clients rely on their focused skillset and 30 years of experience to position them exactly where they need to be. Their detailed, research-driven approach guides the creative process in its entirety. Every decision has a reason, both creatively and strategically. Some of MonogramGroup’s clients include Aspiritech, Chicago Park District, Life Fitness, and TitanHouse.

Top Advertising Agencies

Rank Agency Name

1. Hoffman York
2. Response Marketing
3. Bigbuzz Marketing Group
4. Ruckus
5. Chemistry
6. Propaganda
7. E29 Marketing
8. Dalton Agency
9. MOB Media, Inc.
10. Mighty Roar
11. Amelie Company
12. Sagon Phior
13. Brass Ideas Advertising
14. Smith Brothers Agency
15. Strategic America
17. Brokaw
18. Weller Creative
19. Tango Creative Group
20. ASO Advertising
21. Sociallyin
22. Division of Labor
23. The Motion Agency
24. Brandpie
25. Rinck Advertising
26. Ghostpistols
27. Flightpath
28. Zellmer McConnell Advertising
29. Struck
30. Brand Kitchen

Explore the full Top 50 Advertising Agencies Report, including verified client reviews, project work, and more. The top marketing agencies were selected based on Agency Spotter’s proprietary research methodology, which uses their websites’ extensive data along with qualitative and quantitative insights to evaluate many factors including each company’s qualifications, experience level, positioning and client feedback. Agency Spotter’s top agency research reports are issued on a regular basis and are continuing to roll out across more than a dozen service areas. Interested companies are encouraged to claim their agency or apply to get listed and review the report methodology to be evaluated for future coverage.

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