10 Top Non-Profit Marketing Agency Partnerships Delivering Results

For some marketing agencies and design firms, working with big multi-national companies could be the ultimate prize. But for others, working with organizations that help make the world a better place is a more rewarding achievement. Work for non-profits may not always get the big headlines and awards, but it is the work that makes their teams and their companies the most proud.

With limited resources these agencies and non-profits partnered to create some top marketing campaigns. Take a look at the organization helping raise money for cancer research or the movement shining a light on human trafficking. These non-profits are doing great work, let’s take a look at the top agencies helping them build awareness, raise funds, and grow.

Dalton Agency – American Heart Association

The Dalton Agency is a Southeastern advertising firm that specializes in PR, branding, social media and more. The Agency worked with the American Heart Association on rebranding their messaging.

For years, the AHA relied on science-based messaging to convince consumers to live a heart-healthy life. But the Dalton Agency took a more personalized approach, asking consumers to share their reason for living a healthier life on social media. The “Life is Why” campaign saw 17.9 million online engagements and compelled 309,000 people to share the reason “why” they live healthy.


Durable Digital – Ford Foundation

Durable is a New York City digital agency that specializes in web, CRM automation, user experience (UX), digital strategy and branding. The Ford Foundation is an independent, nonprofit grant-making organization and the second-largest philanthropy in the United States. The two partners have worked together for over 10 years developing content strategy and digital engagements through the years.

With new leadership coming into the Ford Foundation, an updated web, UX and content strategy was needed to show the foundation’s shift to a more sharpened focus on global inequality and also their long-term goals for transparency and thought leadership.

Durable created an integrated website that highlighted the foundation’s recent activities, an updated database for grants that showed grant making strategies to increase transparency, an open dialogue page that presented conversations about inequality in all forms, plus many more features.

durable digital ford foundation


The Engine Is Red – Guide Dogs for the Blind

The Engine Is Red is a San Francisco advertising agency specializing in branding, web, advertising, e-commerce and mobile. They partnered with Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB), a non-profit guide dog school, for the past four years helping the organization with branding and web services.

Working with GDB was a little different than working with other organizations. While building the new website, The Engine Is Red had to take into account audiences with blindness and low vision and create a digital experience that wasn’t merely accessible, but delightful to everyone, regardless of how they saw the world. This amazing task helped push The Engine Is Red team in creating a beautiful website that featured dynamic contrast, readability controls, and optimization for screen readers on a variety of devices.


Creative Tonic – Hill Country Ride for Aids

Creative Tonic is an award-winning branding agency from Austin that specializes in branding, web, innovation, packaging and design strategy. They partnered with Hill Country Ride for Aids, the largest fundraiser in central Texas for HIV/AIDS services, to launch a new branding campaign for the 2015 race.

Taking inspiration from past rides, the 10 local HIV/AIDS non-profits that benefit and the Hill Country itself, Creative Tonic was able to provide a colorful new spin for this wonderful cause.

Using bold and bright colors for posters, postcards, social media and the website, the “You Can Change Lives” campaign theme was launched. The powerful messaging set the tone of the whole event, as it encouraged emotions of love and empowerment that appealed to all Austin residents and fostered the Ride’s sense of outreach and caring.

creative tonic hill country ride for aids


My Friend’s Nephew – End It Movement

My Friend’s Nephew is an Atlanta advertising agency that specializes in branding, web, marketing strategy and experiential marketing. The Atlanta agency teamed up with the End It Movement, a non-profit organization shining a light on slavery and human trafficking, to create a shocking campaign that would show the ugly realities of sexual slavery. My Friend’s Nephew wanted to tell the full story of human slavery by showing an un-sanitized, photoshop-free display that would shock bystanders.

Despite its low budget and lack of promotion, the work received nearly 1.4 million YouTube views.


Preston Kelly – YMCA of Minneapolis and St.Paul

Preston Kelly is a full-service advertising agency from Minneapolis that specializes in digital strategy, advertising and healthcare marketing. The YMCA of Minneapolis and St.Paul collaborated with Preston Kelly to create the “What’s Your Reason Y?” marketing campaign to help change the conversation on why people join health clubs and give gym goer’s a new reasons to join their local Y.

preston kelly ymca


Sir Isaac – Mission Of Hope International

Sir Issac is a Boston marketing firm specializing in branding, advertising and marketing strategy. The agency provided pro-bono marketing work for Mission of Hope International at a religious music festival. The marketing collateral included pull-up banners, posters, t-shirts and more.

sir isaac mission of hope international


Dirigo Design & Development – Maine Health Access Foundation (MEHAF)

Dirigo Design & Development is a design firm from Boston specializing in branding, digital strategy and web. Dirigo’s helped the MEHAF overhaul their website, streamline their grant process and modernize their brand.

The agency’s work with MEHAF’s enroll207.com marketing initiative helped the foundation sign-up the highest number of people per capita of any state for enrollment in the Affordable Care Act. Marketing initiatives included television, radio, print, pay-per-click, social media and more.

dirigo maine health access foundation


Propoint – Cancer Research Institute

Propoint is a New York digital agency specializing in motion/video, design strategy and user experience. Propoint worked with the Cancer Research Institute to find a compelling way to educate people and promote interest in a new cancer treatment called immunotherapy. The agency decided to create a video campaign that helps create a visual narrative and show how immunotherapy can help you by boosting your body’s own defense system. The video story was created to educate people, but also to help people emotionally connect with this challenging subject.


Emerge Interactive – OHSU Foundation

Emerge Interactive is a digital experience agency hailing from Portland that specializes in web, mobile and user experience. The OHSU Foundation and Emerge worked together on a movement called “Onward” – a new fundraising campaign focused on raising two billion dollars by 2020 for AIDS and cancer research.

Emerge was tasked with creating a content-rich digital experience that would help elevate the campaign to another level. The OHSU Foundation not only wanted people to donate but also understand the issues.

emerge interactive ohsu foundation


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