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Letzgro is the San Francisco digital and web design agency that provides complex mobile and web solutions for innovative startup companies and enterprises to bring products to the market in the effective and entrepreneurial way. Since 2003, Letzgo has grown significantly with the help of their clients and challenging projects. Thanks to their various needs, the agency has accumulated an impressive amount of experience in a comprehensive range of Internet applications. Letzgro serves more than 50 companies from the USA, Canada, Holland, UK, Norway, France, Australia, Russia and Ukraine.

Inside Letzgro

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Locations: San Francisco, CA

Core Services: We innovate and try to bring our clients up to speed with new trends and technologies. As of now, these are chat bots (both consumer-facing and business), natural language processing at work, video streaming and real time infrastructures.

Traditionally we also help with web (robust single page applications) and native mobile development.

Being on top of the wave helps us land innovative customers, too. For example, we are building chat bot solutions for entrepreneurs and digital agencies. We will probably be also doing something new in 6 months and helping our clients tap into that new.

# of Employees: 25

Company Mantra: “Technology and innovation.”

Does your agency have a cool origin story?

I worked at venture fund as a CTO and after have decided to help startups and digital agencies innovate.

We started purely in Ukraine providing services mostly for customer-facing digital agencies. Letzgro has early on decided to focus more on technology than on end-client relations. We since then serviced clients in the U.S, Canada, UK, Australia.

Our Californian office has opened just in 2016. We still remain a very inexpensive way for digital agencies and startups to plug in a talented provider that can not only speed up projects delivery but initiate conversations about work processes, tools at work, and innovation.

The technological landscape is changing fast. Agencies might be well aware of the innovation happening around, but just don’t have resources to run experiments. When they invite us, we design a vision for them on which new tech they can offer to their existing or new customers.

letzgro san francisco web design agency

What does #agencylife mean to you?

We’ve accumulated experience of launching dozens of technical products for startups. Every next time we do our job, we handle it faster, and for clients it means months of saved time and costs in hiring developers, engaging technical advisors, and tuning up the right working process. It may take less than a week to discover the problem that product is solving, build the roadmap, design and validate technical architecture, build the backlog, engage key contractors and freelancers with matching skills and get the process going.

Sometimes deadlines are incredible and we work on weekend 24/7, deliver and then go to get some sleep, but that’s not productive. Technology loves the plan.

letzgro san francisco web design agency


Partners in Crime

In 10 Words or Less, What We Do for Our Clients:

Help clients innovate and turn concepts to life with technology.

letzgro san francisco web design agency

3 Characteristics We Look for in Potential Clients:

We’ve been the best working with technically savvy clients who have complex needs, where we can collaborate on building the right architecture and project plan, and coordinate all along the way.

Our Clients Love Us Because:

We are technically savvy and can do complex stuff, from design to deployment.

letzgro san francisco web design agency

Clients We’ve Helped:

Big organizations: SallieMae,, Telus

Our oldest client is with us since 2006: financial products aggregator:

We’ve helped a bunch of agencies deliver products faster: Pixel NYC, Bay Interactive

Technology Startups: – workplace software, – content marketing automation software, – conenncting online and offline mail communication, – game tracking, – workplace – skills development automation, and many many others :)


Web Warriors

The #1 Thing We Love About Web Design:

Context Aware Interaction
We really love technology challenges and we love how things evolve quickly. Interfaces become more pragmatic and we believe in conversational interfaces.

As application developers we try to animate the application. Information flow is asymmetric. Applications know too little about a user and their current state, and don’t adapt to users.

We believe future of human-facing applications is in making them more adaptive to the context.

Video-Centric Internet
We believe that internet will be video centric. Research we did on it proves it. It is much easier to convey idea or your story with a video. From 5 years from now, videos as we know them know will seem very primitive. Future video will be lightweight, editable, metacoded, with HTML and Javascript inside the video.

letzgro san francisco web design agency

What is the one web design project you are proudest of? Why?

It’s because it is a relationship since 2006. We were helping the founder evolve the website as trends changed and technology along with UX could do more.

letzgro san francisco web design agency

Which one to three brands need to redesign their website?

Practically every B2C deserves a website that engages a user through either a value-adding app or gamified experience that leaves them surprised, excited, inspired. We are BIG believers in conversational interfaces and have developed few chat bot projects.

If we hit a Coca-Cola website, we see a rather formal user interface. Instead, you can be invited to a conversation:
“Hello, what’s your name?”
“My name is Ihor”
“Hey Ihor, here’s your can of coke” – a system would generate a visualization of a can with your name on it.
“What do you do?”
“I am in technology”
“Here are several mottos, which one is yours:
– Project manager is a someone who believes that 9 women can deliver a baby in 1 month!
– A developer is someone who writes algorithms that solve the problems that would not exist if there were no algorithms.
“Would you like that motto and your name on a Coca-Cola Tee? We’ll deliver it to you for free ;)”
“Oh yes, please do”

letzgro's Cokebot

Which one to three brands have a great website?

Speaking of it broader as of continuous customer experience, I think has got quite a good one. Machine learning (or simply put statistical analysis) is helping people achieve goals in fewer clicks. Big e-commerce websites are doing great job there in terms of how they build the recommended products list, search results, deals etc. Automakers usually have quite user friendly, interactive websites. I’ve just hit and their banner shows Golden Gate bridge in San-Francisco, so they are customizing their content for me.

What is one thing people don’t know about web design that they should know?

Web design will be very much data driven and AI-enabled. Humans will more and more want to interact with the systems that are intelligent and understand users better.

We will have to combine our visual design skills with understanding on how machine learning algorithms work and how they will enable better interaction with users.

letzgro san francisco web design agency


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