New Features Help Marketers Leverage Their Network, Save Time, and Find The Right Agency Partner

Responding to marketers’ need to find new agency and design partners in less time, with more confidence, Agency Spotter has released a host of new features along with a new look for 2015.

The new features help marketers pinpoint more specific agency qualities, stay organized, discover new agencies with client reviews, and share their expertise on the agency ecosystem with others. Agency Spotter’s new design focused on clear communication and ease of use while getting out of the way for busy experts as they look for a great partner match.
Agency Spotter's new look

“Businesses are looking for ways to save time and money. Agency Spotter makes marketers’ lives easier, providing clarity so new partner searches can happen five times faster,” stated company Founder and CEO, Brian Regienczuk.

Agency Spotter has the tools to help marketers save time, search smarter, and find better marketing partners. With more than 150,000 unique users in 2014, Agency Spotter helped facilitate more than $27 million in new partnerships across many creative categories from advertising, PR, branding, design, digital, video and many others.

“By leveraging marketers’ networks in new ways and adding tools to provide more information, we are reducing the risk associated with choosing a new partner,” Regienczuk added.

7 New Ways To Find Great Agency Partners, Impress Your Boss, and Share Your Expertise

1. Build, Customize and Share Lists

How do you keep track of all the agencies and design firms you meet? Now marketers can easily build, customize, and manage lists of agencies on Agency Spotter. Plus, share your expertise and easily publish a public list of agencies, such as, “Agencies That Think Different.” Of course, you can still build a private shortlist of candidates you’re considering for your next agency or record search or project need too.

2. More Service Areas Than Ever

In addition to adding more agencies, there are now more service areas you can search. The newest are experiential marketing, healthcare marketing, and shopper marketing.

3. Check Industry Experience

Find an agency that has experience in CPG, Beverages, or Automotive, by easily filtering the search results by industry experience.

4. Find The Size That Fits Your Need

Many marketers are looking to work with smaller, more boutique agencies or big agencies that can handle large quantities of work, so we’ve added the ability to filter by the size of the agency.

5. Target Audiences From B2B to Local

Marketers can now choose agencies with audience specialization, making sure new partners have experience targeting local audiences or reaching B2B customers.

6. Search Within Agency Holding Companies Or Go Independent

Many of the largest brands have agreements with large holding companies, like Omnicom, WPP, Publicis, and Interpublic, that incentivize them to search within that network of agencies. We’ve heard from many marketers that this is a nightmare. So, we’re making it easier by letting you filter those top holding companies. Alternatively, there some brands only want to work with the best independent agencies and design firms. Check the “Independent” box to find them.

7. Search Top Agency Client Reviews

Agency Spotter is the only place to find public client reviews of marketing agencies and design firms. Search for agencies by top reviews after you register as a user on Agency Spotter.

About Agency Spotter
Agency Spotter is disrupting agency search and selection with the leading free agency search engine, giving marketers an easy to use, self-service marketplace. Agency Spotter continues its mission to organize the world of agencies across all competencies including advertising, digital, branding, PR, design, research, and more. The company is privately held, launched the full version of its agency search platform in October 2013, and regularly releases features to help marketers and agencies connect in new ways.

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