Meet Chicago Graphic Design Agency: ArtVersion Interactive

ArtVersion Interactive is the Chicago graphic design agency consisting of highly skilled, award-winning creative professionals and graphic designers. The independent creative agency works with startups and Fortune 500 companies to help them refine their branding and reach optimal communication.

For ArtVersion, design is about making beautiful things with a purpose and strategic approach. They work hard everyday to deliver compelling and inspiring experiences to help tell their clients unique stories. Keep reading below to get a taste of what ArtVersion Interactive is great at…


Inside ArtVersion Interactive

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In Chicago Since: ArtVersion was founded in 1999 in our Chicago based agency office, at the intersection of the new millennium and emerging digital media.

Core Services: A creative agency specializing in Graphic Design, UX/UI, Packaging Design, Web Design, UI Design, UX Design, Post Launch Strategies, Content Development, Branding

# of Employees: 11

# of Four-Legged Employees: Few

1. Their origin story…

From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to turn out innovative branding design with no boundaries, and this idea provided growing agency with space to expend into new media. As one of the pioneers in responsive design, ArtVersion has become widely known in the e-commerce space, user-centered UI/UX analytical approach, as well as its experiential branding. With satellite offices on the West Coast and Europe, ArtVersion is proud to have it’s agency HQ located in Chicago since the beginning.

2. What you’ll find inside:

Our ideas realized.

3. The meaning of #agencylife…

#agencylife is a love of collaboration, a belief in the power of design and the desire to deliver transformative work that can inform a culture shift.

artversion 4

“We simplify complexity.”


Chicago Creative

4. Why ArtVersion loves CHI Town:

The people. opinionated, sophisticated, passionate and unique. (close second is the Architecture)

5. Chicago campaign ArtVersion is proudest of:

Italian Trade Agency. The Chicago branch of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) first came to ArtVersion to imagine their campaign for the Chicago Architecture Biennial in 2015 then collectively worked again on the FMI Connect 2016 event held in the McCormick Center, to reimagine authentic Italian products through comprehensive tradeshow design experience, before, during, and long after the actual event. It was an amazing opportunity to be included in these benchmark events and design for the Chicagoan’s cultural expectations.

artversion italian trade agency

6. National campaign ArtVersion is proudest of:

Show Your Love Today. In partnership with the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and UNC Medical (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill), Show Your Love Today is a public-private partnership of over 70 organizations focused on improving the health of young women and men and any children they may choose to have.

artversion show your love today

7. Most admired Chicago brands:

Boeing, Walgreens, Discover Card, Vosges Chocolate, Brunswick, Abbott Laboratories

8. Most admired influencer in Chicago:

Christopher Jobson, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Colossal

9. The best restaurant in Chicago:

We can often be found in the Marcus Lemonis’ first restaurant concept, MLG Chicago – Inventive, new American cuisine in a swanky, upscale environment with a vast collection of wines, drinks and rotating artistic masterpieces evoking the perfect fusion of art + food + wine.

“Among all products equal in functionality, cost and quality, the one with the most appealing design will always stay on top.”
– Goran Paunovic, Founder


Partners in Crime

10. What they do for their clients:

We create brands.

artversion 2

11. Want to work with ArtVersion? This is what they look for in potential partners…

  • Innovation
  • Engagement
  • Dedication to their Brand

12. Clients love ArtVersion because…

We are creative problem solvers who work to truly understand the inner workings of each brand we touch, taking a highly collaborative and iterative approach to each project. As a bonus, we’re pretty fun, too.

artversion 3

13. Who they helped:

MorganStanley, Sears, Qualcomm, Rush University, University of North Carolina, Trustwave, AIWA, American Society of Landscape Architects, Italian Trade Agency


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Daniel Kim