Meet Austin UX Design Firm: Slide UX

Austin’s Slide UX is the user experience design consultancy that makes sure that your mobile, web, and desktop applications are useful, usable, good-looking and optimized. Basically, they are here to make your digital life easier, while creating applications that your customers will love. Slide UX works with agencies, big brands, start-ups and anyone looking to create great user-centered products. So don’t fall, jump, tumble into great UX, slide!

Inside Slide UX

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Location: Austin, TX

In Austin Since: Our firm started when Erin left full-time employment in 2010. We gained our name and we became a “team” in 2012.

Core Services: User-Centered Interface Design

# of Employees: 8

# of Four-Legged Employees: 13. Or 14, if the turtle’s flippers count as legs.

Company Mantra: “Users before losers. Yes, we just made that up.”

Does your agency have a cool origin story?

A little-known story: Our name, Slide UX, has a double-meaning. We are always talking about removing friction for the user. So first, we asked ourselves, “What happens in the absence of friction?” Well, you slide!
But the name took on deeper meaning when we considered the opportunity to manage the company in a way that created sustainable lives for our team. Its easy for agencies to run folks into the ground, but that’s not what we want – this is a team formed around the idea that our clients get the best work when the team has a great life outside of work. Our logo symbolizes a slide on a child’s playground.

slide ux

Most Interesting Physical Thing in Your Office?

Interestingly enough, we actually work remotely. Our team is all Austin-based, and we collaborate on Slack and Asana all day. We often meet in person at client offices and regular one-on-one coffees and lunch dates. We also enjoy quarterly philanthropic & social events. So, we’re happy to see our teammates when we get the chance.

Hanging out at top golf

What does #agencylife mean to you?

When it comes to agency life, we like to buck some of the norms. We think clients are served best when we’re well-rested, happy, and rolling up our sleeves alongside them as partners.

“You know the big gap between a great concept and a ready-to-build piece of software? That’s where we come in.”

– Erin Young, Founder & Principal UX Architect


Partners in Crime

In 10 Words or Less, What We Do for Our Clients:

We help product teams maximize usefulness, usability, conversion, and appeal.

3 Characteristics We Look for in Potential Clients:

  • Sharp
  • Inspired
  • Reliable


Our Clients Love Us Because:

We care about their businesses as much as they do. It shows in our work, but also in the experience of working with us – we do what we said we’d do, thoughtfully & on-time.

Clients We’ve Helped:

We work with companies both large and small – and we enjoy each for different reasons. On the large side, we’re proud to have consulted with SolarWinds, Fidelity,, SpareFoot, Charles Schwab, RetailMeNot,, VMware, HID Global, Chrysler/Fiat, Winn-Dixie/BI-LO, and A Place for Mom. On the smaller side, Austin brands like MoreHands Maids and KindHealth are some of our favorites.

Slide UX


Austin Access

The #1 Thing We Love About Austin:

In Austin, you really can’t tell who the most powerful person in the room from how he or she is dressed. It’s not uncommon to meet with a badass CEO who is sharp as a whip and wears a fishing shirt and shorts everyday. We like it that Austin seems to judge people by their effectiveness, not the label on their suit.
We also believe that Austin’s startup scene is rooted in sustainability. Most of the teams we consult with don’t have the luxury of “figuring out the monetization part later.” So, while it might feel unfair to compete against another startup that has a 20m investment runways, the result is that Austin’s companies grow stronger, faster.


How does your agency help Keep Austin Weird?

We have someone among us who regularly eats crickets. Not gonna name any names, Adam.

What are your most admired local brands?

Gosh! How to choose? There are so many exciting things happening in Austin right now. We’re big fans of RoosterTeeth, SpareFoot, SolarWinds, MoreHands, KindHealth, Indeed, Atlassian… OK – you caught us, these are some of our Austin-based clients.

im a little horse

What are the top things your team will be doing at SXSW this year?

Call us crazy, but we enjoy watching SXSW from afar. SXSW is no longer a place where you’re likely to be successful competing for attention. So we’ll enjoy SXSW as individuals – not as a brand.

During SXSW, what is the…

  • Hidden Gem: Sheltering indoors.
  • Most Overhyped: Anything within a 5-mile radius of downtown.

Which is your favorite Austin food trucks?

We’re all big fans of Patrizi’s, by the Vortex Theatre on Manor Road.



Keeping Austin Weirder

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